Breasts enlarge when on mount

Finally tried out mounts and first thing I noticed is that my character’s breasts grow to the ridiculous default size when seated in saddle. Is it just me? I’m on PS4.

Please let me live my Godiva fantasies with the body of my choosing! No shame to the voluptuous, but I create characters on the smaller size because they look less cartoony in this game. Being forced to ride around with the “default” look (topless or armored) is disheartening and invalidates our personalized avatars. I’m sure this is something the devs overlooked and didn’t prioritize, but surely it’s a simple fix.

I also noticed this bug in the past with the sleeping pose of offline players.


I have not seen this issue on PC, my character has smaller breasts and they stay the same size when I get on a horse.

I admire your courage for posting that gif on a public forum like this :rofl:


Happen to have a pic? For documentation of the bug. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also, bugs should be posted in appropriate channels next time.

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I posted this in PS4 bug page, but I don’t mind starting a discussion about breast sizes in CE here in general discussion.

Here’s a video of the bug, btw:


Haha, thats a funny bug

Move over, flying rhinos, we’ve a new contender for favorite bug! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t think some of you “guys” are taking this seriously. I did not consent to horse growth hormones. My character already went through puberty.

Side note: I wonder if some of the men out there can test this bug out. Perhaps it messes with penis size too.


I reported this bug when mounts were only available on the test server and got an answer:


Good to know. Thanks. = )

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That’s the breast bug report I’ve ever seen! :stuck_out_tongue:


I noticed the same lack of model options with helmets. Depending on the helmet used, the female faces of thralls all default to on specific face when they wear that helmet.

You got a rare Sports Horse™.

It’s a very realistic feature, I noticed the same thing in real life when I owned a sports car: the breasts of any female companions were, on average, significantly larger then, than when I owned a Chevrolet Spark.

(yes we males are stereotypical and largely incapable of taking a report like this seriously)


HA HA HA HA HA! your funny, I liked your video.

Would of liked the Yakety Sax song to go with the video lol
Then again that probly should be a compilation of all the bugs

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I should be worried because I did laugh a lot with the bug report+comments…and that gif…I can’t see the keyboard…:rofl:

Thank you, you made my day, :heart: for everyone


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