Brimstome breaking in 1 hit AND dissapears (Only 1 loot-gain)

Is this intensional? Though it was supposed to take two hits and give 40ish+40ish?

Do you have the hard worker perk?
If so, it will indeed break at the first hit.

this is intentional.

They nerfed the amount of hide, bark, and brimstone to balance to onslaught of TNT that was happening, along with needing less bombs to blow open doors and hatches.
In theory the only real cost that went up are building mats (steel reinforcements) and blowing up foundations. Doors mathematically use the same % of brimstone and tar to blow open now. that is based on raw mat grinding per bomb per door.

I like it, because if you look at most officials, no one really is using it to build T3 structures, pve or pvp. Most are using it for bombs on PVP, and my best guess is explosive arrows on PVE to fight bosses and/or tougher NPC’s.

IMO, It is an early sign that siege balancing is coming up quickly on their patch time line.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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