Stalagmites break after one hit

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Patch note:
Brimstone stalagmites will now destruct after two hits instead of after the first one.

This is not fixed they break after one hit. In fact even the deposits in the caves break after 1 hit effectively halving the amount you can get from them.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Hit a stalagmite…it breaks
  2. Hit a stalagmite…it breaks
  3. Hit a brimstone deposit…it breaks
  4. Hit a brimstone deposit…it breaks

Is this a bug or an intended changed?

I’ve encountered this as well. The gather rate is awful… :frowning:

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Haven’t gone for the stalagmites yet, but I did notice today that the cave deposits vanish a lot quicker.

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Hmmm… Yesterday I was wondering why I have so little brimstone from one run across Sinner’s Refugee now.

Intended change maybe. It was far to easy to get brimstone before anyway.
But it would be a nice QoL improvement if they would rise the stack to 1.000 for brimstone, too.

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It can’t be intentional. Did they lie in their own patchnotes?


Sorry, I didn’t recognize this as a citiation and haven’t harvest brimstone since the last patch. In that case its clearly a bug. :relieved:

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it is intended, and it 's postit into patch notes.
And why? i understand if you need a halved brimstone for craft dragonpowder, also they modifed this.

The patch notes, which I quoted, and are quoted in the post 2 above yours, state that they should now break after two hits therefore it is not intended and a bug.

if you have 2nd perk on survival only needs 1 hit.

Mostly i farm my brimstone in caves, not so much the springs, but yes, also in caves, mostly one hit with a starmetal or high-grade pick and it’s gone. And you receive only a few .

They lowered it way to much i think. Should not be overdone, but it’s really bad right now.

did you have 2nd perk in survival? It gives you the same amount as 2 swings, but with less hit to the durability of tool by only taking 1. But if you say is true, then Brimstone Lake is going to be fun to fight over. This actually makes sense of the halved steel fire to dragon powder recipe.

Yes however, the stalagmites used to give two hits but would visually break on the first, the brimstone deposits in the caves used to be two hits.

So it would appear that they have nerfed the brimstone deposits to effectively give half of what they used to.

Brimstone amounts in all other recipes has remained the same should that not have been reduced as well then?

Unless the intent is to make T3 building mats a little more “expensive” due to the amount one gets now. on officials it used to be
@8500-900 per lake run. now it is about 4200-4500.
gfactor in caves—5000-6000 now 2500-3000
which means basically 1 chest if steel per instead of 2, and without a black smith, half a chest. that is still 400-500 founds worth. It will mainly effect bomb making numbers.

In reality putting all this together, they effectively made T3 structures outside of doors the more coslty area to blow thru.

Knowing if an intented change or not at first would be helpful to understand.

And one more, it’s all about pvp ! While my test lvl 25 char couldn’t not drag all brime home before the change (living near executioner entrance), now she know and never ending grind. So like so often with changes, it’s all or nothing. A bit more toned would also be fine maybe.


Totally agree with this.

Lucky you have a base close by, when the base is in the north it means a long run to where the brimstone is making it one hell of a grind.

Also if it was intended the patch notes are very misleading.

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Ok, so I finally got around to hitting the stalagmites today and this is what I observed. Using a steel pick, they each took two hits to break. However, there used to be a deposit underneath allowing you to gather much more brimstone. That’s gone. Two hits is all you get. The same as what happened with the cave deposits. As a result, I walked away with far less brimstone than my pre-patch runs.

I’ve got some mixed feelings about this since it was pretty easy before the patch to collect large amounts of brimstone per run. However, in order to do any serious building and crafting, you need huge quantities of the stuff and it’s gathering locations are fairly limited and specific.

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I notice that. Now there is o need to farm. use the dismantlement station and kill all npc (loot all from them, dismantlement all loot) and that is it. You will get more materials in 1h then if you farm. Game play has change over the night with no warning or announcement. PVE for the win.

It DID make sense but the cost of dragon powder has been returned to 100 steelfire again as of today. I’m not sure if the change is intentional or theyre trying to reduce the spam bases (the bottleneck being steel) and reducing the overall ease at making dp given the door hp was halved.

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