Bring back Sword of Crom

Dear funcome :grinning:
I have play on the same server for 7m. (i love the game).
And i have never be Lucky to have the sword. So to day i logg on 10.00 and start farm for the legendery wapon everry one are talking aboute.
Now the time is 19:46 (Thets 10h farming) not got it. So pliz bring this wapon back in the game. So i have a chance to have it.

He spawn in every 15m. I have farm for 10h now. Thets 40 kils.

How hard shoud it be in a game to geth what you whant. Do the sword give you super power ore Some thing creasy

Are you just killing the wight boss? You should be killing all the skeleton bosses in the city they can all drop the Sword of Crom. A full loop through the city usually takes about 15 minutes to complete so you’re never just waiting around. There are 5 skeleton bosses so your chances are greatly increased. The sword of Crom shares a loot table with a bunch of stuff and is all 1% chance to drop.


And how do you know the sward is there. Do you play on the same server.
On this server we miss other stuff to. ■■■ the letter 3 and 5 from razma.

Btw kill 41 times.

I have kill the boss you se on the photo 41 times ust to day.

  • And yes i do a run from one boss to a another

Thets mean 100 kils

Sorry funcome from my frustation afther 11h farming and more then 100 kils haha.


I remember on 5 months gameplay i ve farmed only 2. That was because i didn’t knew the existence of the skeleton boss on the bridge, over red mama. When i learned and farm this boss too, sword of crom is not so rare anymore. :wink:

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