Bring old PvP back

Bring old PvP back Conan is so Borning now only lodestone in PvP bring the old spear back
I played since 2019 with fun. But now it’s so worse I quite playing .


Just pick another weapon to spam two buttons with. Don’t be acting like you were ever using combos with a spear.


Whole heartedly agree, PvP is gone to the dogs and it’s paying the price now because almost all of the players that play PvP have left.

I give PvP another month before it’s genuinely gone for good

While I agree that most of us PVPers are gone

I think the dismal state of the servers being overrun with cheaters and hackers.
Is more to blame, than a weapon getting nerfed.


I miss December 2019 PVP combat too, but it’s just not coming back. :frowning:

Private community was bigger than official for like the last 4 years so while yeah it’s a sad thing for the official servers about cheats etc most of the PvP community played private and had a healthy community up until around last year when age of war 1 came out and whatever was left of us got wiped out when they messed up the spear.

There’s like 40 people left playing PvP and I don’t think anyone of them were any bit decent when skill mattered

If that was a jab at me, you missed. I already said I am not playing PVP anymore.

But I have been a forum rat for as long as there has been a CE forum, before here on the steam forums.

Private servers were never the real PVP crowd, most wouldn’t even look at a private server because of admin abuse, and overly modded servers.

It was cheating, hacking, and an unclear TOC that drove people to private servers.

So I stand on my assertion cheaters and hackers are the reason for the decline.
Not one more nerf in a long line of weapon nerfs.


Yeah, I’ve given up on PVP too. I just play PVE now with my wife and daughter and support them as they do their creative stuff. PVP is dead twice over.


Not a personal dig at you but I mean if the shoe fits then wear it I guess🤷🏻‍♂️

But yeah private PvP was definitely more popular than officials in the last 3 to 4 years because of the things you mentioned like cheats/unclear ToS etc.

Don’t get me wrong it’s sad and stupid that private had to be forced on people who just wanted a fair gameplay experience but at the end of the day the more dedicated PvP players were definitely in private servers and those are the players that kept the PvP community alive all this time.

The first step towards rebuilding Conan PvP if it’s even possible anymore is to revert back to a patch when private servers had good population which in my opinion was the Age of Sorcery chapter 3.

Once there is a dedicated community that play on private they can start to work on the more challenging stuff like anti cheat and flybase/undermesh detection aswell as revised decisions when it comes to ToS reports since the stuff required here will no doubt take a lengthy amount of time and resources that would go a lot smoother once the simple gameplay tweaks and stuff were addressed.

See this right here is the problem I have with these types of posts.
It’s never going to happen.

I started playing the first day of early access, back in January of 2017
I’ve been on the forums all that time, I even still read the forums and patch notes when I was on a break from the game.

In all that time, FC has never reverted anything, the closest they have gotten is restoring split stack, and that wasn’t a reversion so much that it was just adding it back in.

A more constructive way of expressing dissatisfaction is to say combat still needs work, because it’s not working now. Framed this way I would be right there with you.

Complaining about an update rarely ever produces results.

I never clamed to be anything beyond adequate.
@Barnes Am I an adequate PVPer?

And I really didn’t take it personally.

I was just trying to form a polite response, it a lighthearted tone.
I guess I missed the mark in the revision before hitting reply.


You’re an immaculate PVPer. Righteous and valuable in a pinch, without ever being a water-walker. Innovation is also one of your strong suits: you were the only player I ever saw who really grasped the Keyhole, early on and consistently.

Reputationally you are fair and generous in a fight, and you were kind on many occasions when my thralls really threatened you, and you spared them. Those sorts of bonds persist, especially among solos.

We’ve never fought of course, because we’re friends, and also because I don’t want to get owned by a hardened archer. :stuck_out_tongue:

To @Savilex.9, consider these the Salad Days of 2024, when we can be assured the game might pretty much stay the same. I’m looking forward to rejoining the Public Server life again.


I’m not gonna lie and tell you I don’t hate the last few updates but what I’m suggesting isn’t out of my bias towards Age of Sorcery combat.
I’m genuinely suggesting for it to be reverted because the proof is in the pudding that everything after that patch has severely crippled the player numbers in terms of PvP.

I just want the game that I genuinely love and adore to be fun again and full of people playing it.
I genuinely mean it when I say you cannot find more than 1 EU PvP server that reaches max capacity at any time.

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To be very honest with you bro I haven’t a clue what you’ve just said but I love you too xx

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Like Nic Cage in Raising Arizona, “These are our salad days, Honey.”

I think times like this are rare opportunities to have fun and enjoy the game, or life. It’s playing really well, and leveling on an official takes about 4 hours now if you smell the roses, so yeah. Salad days. :heart:


Hackers have alot more tp do woth it than the newest meta changes. My clan of 7 quit after 3 loot wipes by hackers. And we fought thru 2 years of “battling” hackers. And i can asure you we werent the only ones on the server to quit and uninstall.


Again, the most populated part of the PvP community in the last few years played private where these issues weren’t a thing.

I know It’s not a nice thing to say but it’s a realistic thing to say considering how long it had been going on but the fact of the matter is if you were still playing official in 2023 then you knew exactly what was coming the second you pressed create character.

People knew this and migrated to private and they stayed there quite happily for years and then the devs ruined private PvP while hackers and cheaters did their thing on official PvP

Most of the private pvp is overly regulated with too many arbitrary rules. and it was more dueling than raiding from my experience on many private pvp servers. Dueling is for streetfighter, pvp in Conan to me is raiding and a bit of chaos.

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I think you’re looking at the rules and just lifting your nose at it thinking there are too many without taking into consideration the stability of the game.

Most private servers have rules to enforce fair PvP and also to prevent exploitation (something which funcom can never do since they don’t actively moderate official servers).

Something that even made me go wtf when I first looked at a private server was the rule of no building in black ice but I later found out that excessive black ice buildings take a massive toll on server performance which explains why official is the lag fest it is.

While there are some rules that I don’t agree with having a little restrictions here and there are infinite times more bearable than having my work of 3 months on official get taken by a hacker like zigzag or pfire in 1 hour. (Which it has)

My position is similar to Cane’s. Hackers are the dominant threat on Officials. We want to play as the Developer intended, or as close as possible.

The sad truth is that if we want a much reduced level of cheater, we should move on to a console, or in the case of Xbox, their Cloud Gaming option. It’s simply sad that I have to pay an extra $80 a year for Ultimate just to play safely. Or buy a PS5 and pay annually for Plus.

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This is a really fair point and I can kind of agree with it to a degree but I mean for those that either can’t afford or just can’t be bothered to do an entire switch to consoles for 1 singular game private servers really did serve as a genuine option that not only felt better due to the increased server performance from being a dedicated server & less taxing buildings on the server, But also one that actually played better too due to the restrictions on cheats and exploits and fair play systems in place.

Regardless I think the new PvP is utter dogsh!t and the sooner we get the spear speed back to normal the sooner we see an increase in the PvP population again. @den make it happen