Broken Queues or they just bad math?

I queue as a healer E1-4 on my healer, and see the groups needing a tank.
I log off my healer toon, then log on my tank champ, and see the queues still need tanks, so I queue as a tank E1-4, half an hour later no group.
So either groups need both a healer and a tank at the same time, or the queue system is broken.
Post if you see similar results?

I qued as a tank for E1-4, had a friend look at the queue, and it says for what role looking for E1 - Tank, E2 - healer, E3 - Tank, E4 healer.

If I am qued as a tank, how can it be looking for a tank. It must be broken.


Found game to becoming boring if sitting in a broken queue. Not much fun sitting there for 30 minutes if the queue is broken.
If queues were 30 seconds then more people would continue to play. But making the game boring means more people will give up playing/patronage.
We need more evidence of the queue being broken so that Funcom will fix the problem before too many leave, before the game becomes vacant.


How I understand finder work - it shows first group’s need to form. It’s still seems broken it these terms, but also may be confused when there are different roles are queued so there are more than one group is almost complete so it counts you as tank in one of them but not other one? That’s kinda theory. :thinking: Last time I queued as tank it seemed to work OK-ish but it was long ago…

It is broken for me. I can sit all evening in queue (as tank/dps) and not get popup. But sometimes as soon as I do ‘leave queue - sign up again’ I get a pop. Sometimes I get popup but it is cancelled (due to somebody pressing cancel or timeout), AF adds me to queue again and after that nothing happens for-e-ver. But if I do again ‘leave queue-sign up’ I get immediate popup.
So I consider AF broken. My guess is that after AF tries to form group only when some player signups. But when AF readds players to queue (after cancel) it doesn’t try to form group again and we are all stuck in queue forever. Or there are just so little players now that it looks like bug.
PS: That is for e7-e9.

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The best bet is finding an active cabal to run with.