Healer Needed Queues

Been in queue for 40 minutes for Skull Gate Pass. Says “healer needed”…I queue as Healer…nothing has now happened for 40 minutes. This makes no sense. Can’t run the new content if queues don’t put together groups! Becoming very hard to play this game.

A friend and I played around a bit with the group finder. We noticed that if it says Healer needed and you sign as healer, it still says healer need to you but not to everyone else. When he would sign as a healer, mine would change to Tank needed, but his still said Healer needed.

It’s a bet finding groups for anything. Your best bet is typing ‘‘LFG in Global or NPH’’ get the first 2 people. Once that happens, more will come very fast. They have to see the number 2/6 or 3/6 better. Also, colored text helps :stuck_out_tongue: