Great that funcom is still trying to improve this game

After playing about 3 months now I really never missed a healer class - actually Im afraid that if Funcom now plans to enforce designated healers to join groups to get through a dungeon successfully, it will rather be counterproductive, and make dungeons even more seldomly to pop, as healers are usually not very popular to be played by most players, and we already suffer from long idle time till a dungeons pops up (sometimes the whole day and nothing happens).
However it is great that funcom has people to work still on this game, I really appreciate that a lot!!! But why dont you care of a far more serious issue of the game that we really suffer from: the UGLY faces! Please improve the faces and options in the editor! Look: like 95% of the female characters use the same face preset, because there is no other choice! All other faces look like that of 50+ aged women. And even the one that doesnt, isnt really beautiful… please do something about it!

As much as I would love All the options for making a character, ill take my healer friends being able to play the role they burn for, over more face options. Not needing a healer to the degree they wasnt needed, was a big issue, considering the game was based around the trinity setup.


What exists currently in the game is actually part of the reason you see long queue wait times. Ill explain.

You start a character. You have option to focus on DPS/Tank or Healer gear/build. You find out healers are not needed and tank gear/glyphs are detrimental to regular game play and progression so what do you do? Well you make a dps character.

A lot of times unless a player really wants to tank they actually remain as a dps since that’s what there optimally set up for. Its not until very much later when your dps gear is done that I see many ppl experiment with the tanking role and start building gear that is specific to a tank build.

This situation has two issues. Firstly tanks are very scarce in the lower elites and secondly the tanks that do start tanking later are all ready either tanking specifically within there cabal or at the very least normally within there friend circle in the game. Therefore queue dies.

Will these magically change after the balance patch? No. BUT now players will have a choice to spec and gear for any of the three roles with little negative impact on there progression through the game. So in time you may actually see the state of the Activity Finder improve.

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The Activity Finder only forms a group if someone signs up as healer, which is not a problem for private groups who preassign roles, but if you’re just in the public queue, either you have the ability to heal or you lie about it and hope the tank goes along with you. It creates bad feeling between tanks and actual healers and probably is why people are using private groups so much. (aside from activity finder just plain not working well; you can queue as tank on a range of levels and it’ll show some of them needing healer, some still needing a tank)

They’re fine, nobody cares :v:

The constant posts about ugly faces have started to make me laugh and become offended. Can you please post a picture of your character’s face? I would like to know what you used. I’ve caught myself taking screenshots of faces that don’t look bad at all just to post on your original ugly faces thread, I just never put them up.

I’m not really offended.


This is the sad truth of female faces in SWL!

And btw. A LOT of people care about the beauty of their toon in a game, there are even people who refuse (!) to play this game because of the ugliness the face editor leaves them with! I have never in any other game read about complains about the ugliness of characters that this face editor produces, as I have when googling for this game. And really each time I look at my toon, I wanna cry, cause I feel so sorry for her to have face like that! (And this is already the best face preset the character editor allows, the other options are even WORSE!) ;(((((((((

And about healers, I do not really see that for example in AoC group finder and raid finder fills more because of an existing and necessary healer class, it is rather the total opposite! But at least the faces are better in AoC!

You just need to change your eyebrows and you’ll be fine.

I am one who left for 4 months until they brought the plastic surgeon back, but I changed my face and now I’m good with it. The problem is you just can’t see in the editor the way it will look in game.

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the problem is you cant change the height of the eyes or the mouth. That makes most faces look OLD!
And I changed the eyebrows like 30 times and each time cost me 7.5k and it is totally useless. Still looks same ugly. And all other faces are even worse.
And since we have to spend hours idling waiting for a dungeon to pop or a scenario even (with new healer class will most probably take even longer), there is nothing much to do than looking at your toon… D;

There’s an old mod floating around that allows you to tweak faces if it’s really that upsetting to you.

Or you could do a Jimmy and just put on a mask.

Good, maybe Funcom should offer downloads for mods, I would really appreciate it, also the bugfix to stop freezes when you accidentally open the friend list, that is available somewhere on discord for download I think, would be appreciated in a download section here on the website or better make it part of the next patch (if it is actually available here somewhere on the official website and I missed it, I excuse!).

And yes Im covering the eyes of my toon pretty much ALWAYS with sunglasses or something, cause really I hate the way the eyes look (and editor not offers any possibility to make any changes - however I like the mouth section, and when I chose a setup with other eyes, I get another jaw with it! That is just crap!).

It’s unlikely that Funcom would offer mods officially tbh. They’ve been created by other people and sometimes the way that they’ve been written has a negative impact on game performance. They’d need to be checked out by funcom staff, to make sure they weren’t deliberately breaking the game and/or worked properly, and that’d be taking developer time away from other projects. I’m not sure I know of any game where they do that tbh.

There’s no mods that you actually need to play the game, it’s all about players wanting to make their lives more convenient.

Someone else said there was a mod, but didn’t answer when they asked what or where it is. Do you know where it can be found?

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I dont know, only heard rumors about it. I mean the one that changes faces. - But I believe this mod may only change the face on your own PC, that means for others you still look like… before.
And if you mean the bugfix to stop the friend list freezes, I heard you can download it from discord. I dont have it. Maybe some one else knows more.

Now, this is all well and good, but it’s also amazingly offtopic for what part of the forums it’s posted in. Not to mention you already created a topic about that, so it’s really just repeating the same thing in two different places, one of which is not the correct one.

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The mod is called CCC and naturally is client-sided, so it won’t solve your problem. However over-exaggerated that “problem” is, IMO. It does, however, let you play around with customization options that never made it into the final game (and most likely never will due to technical limitations).

Quite frankly, the chances of Funcom making major changes to character customization (beyond wardrobe items) at this point are slim to none.

And as Trich has alluded to, this has absolutely nothing to do with the rebalance.


I think they added it here in hopes changes could be made in the process. Could be considered feedback in that they hate the faces that are still in the open betas lol

But the majority of the time we stare at our character’s ■■■■■ because we’re behind them, unless the game is being used for dress up and RP.

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Feedback goes to feedback, not to discussion about a gameplay change patch.
Not to mention that, as you said, the only times we actually see our faces is if we’re fiddling around with clothes, RPing or waiting for stuff to happen (in which case you’re better off logging off, honestly).

Yeah maybe we should all better log off then, as you suggest since these days really almost nothing happens and just hours pass while waiting for a simple dungeon, S&P or OD to pop.