Group finder queue

Lots of bugs.
Queue onslaugh as healer and Needed Role is still Healer which should be impossible.
Ported solo to the weekly raid sever times. Wiped every time…
Got a Skull Gate group with 4 mages and two healers. Should not be possible.

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Happened to me as well. With 4 Demos 1 PoM. So it was very difficult without Melee DPS. The Aggro table was more difficult to manage.

At Kuthchemes now, camps come at your group. Which maybe good at higher waves (from a point of view) that you don’t miss possible camp drops if defending at Temple or around it up the stairs. But without a 2nd Tank, or without a 2nd Healer, if you end up with 1 Main Boss and 4 Mini Bosses plus Hundreds of adds ‘‘It’s a pain’’

  • One way is to stay at the temple entrance and slightly withdraw inside as you fight so it’s still manageable.
  • Another way is to go for camps. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed as a group running across the map though.

I think it’s easy only with T5- T6 geared groups to go for Waves over 15+

Only workaround: Sign with 2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 2 DPS. But that requires a PuG recruitment method. Or Guild most of the time. Another way is to manage fatality meter very fast, or kill everything faster then the main Boss spawns.