Queuing Archetypes

I gave most of my feedback in-game yesterday, and rather than clog up this topic with the same feedback as others, I thought I’d raise this thought.

As it stands, the group setup has to be 1 tank, 1 heal, 4 dps. I know that it is possible for most classes to sign up as different roles, but when running pug groups, most people just sign up as their main role. Understandably, this is in place to safeguard against unbalanced groups full of tanks/heals, but it does make certain things a fair bit harder.

This is particularly the case (imo) for the dungeon finder (pre-80 dungeons, purist etc). Running with only 1 tank in these dungeons will often make them significantly harder/slower (thinking about the average player, not uber t6 players making characters for purist runs :wink:

A solution to this might be difficult, but I’d imagine possible in one of these ways:
For dungeons, require 2 tanks, or make the requirement flexible to have 1-2 tank, 1-2 heal, 2 dps.
Allow people to sign up for multiple roles - a POM/TOS could sign as HEAL+DPS for onslaught
Loosen the restrictions for onslaught roles, allowing 1-2 heals, 1 tank, 3-4 dps

Would be interested to know others opinions on this…

I was there when we struggled with the new Onslaught signup and made it after a dev told us about this new system. Well… it should have been this way from the very start of RF/ONS but the live version is still in its “bugged/flexible” form :slight_smile:

If its not possible to allow 1-2 spot(s) for tank/heal, maybe give the leader (who sign up as one) the option to set the deisred roles? Not sure how difficult is it for devs to implement it.

On the bright side of this new group finder: finaly we get all ported to the dungeon and dont need to wait for all members to get there on their own :+1: