Broken raid timer

Time in event log 19:50. Raid times 18:00-23:00. My explosives do zero damage. Meanwhile Others are raiding OUTSIDE of raid hours (23:58-00:32). This is just pathetic.

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This is common and changes over time. Sometimes it is 2 mins, sometimes on time. Always expect that discrepancy of 10 mins.

Greetings Exile,

Can you share with us if you noticed this on an Official server?
If that’s the case, can you confirm if you are in the same timezone as the server, please?

We await your reply.

Yes this was in a (pvp) official server. Region America, game time 19:50; local time 19:50. So to my understanding no time zone differnce.

The last time i had used the explosive jar they did work(probably around 22:30 game time), but that was 3-4 weeks ago.

Why can’t fc just test these patches? You’ve lost 90% of your players with one patch. This is nowhere near the first time either.

Why can’t this be made better?

You’re on Official 2800 Xbox Exiled lands correct? Server is west coast. so 6p-11p raid based in that time zone. I’m guessing since you’re log has shown 00:32. You are in Central time zone so raid for you would be 2000-0100.

Correct, okay ill have to try and see if it works after 20:00, but that raises questions.

Why is event log showing local time instead of the servers time zone time like its supposed to,( or at least used to back a few years ago on ps4.)

If event log shows local time how are you supposed to equate what time zone the server is from?

Meanwhile funcom could solve this entire problem by simply putting a list of official servers time zones on the rules page.

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