Broken Spears STILL BROKEN

Thanks for nerfing the spears… not. Existing spears still have the broken stats. Wonderful!

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Well they could fix it :roll_of_toilet_paper:

Unfortunately, this is how all patched items work. The items made before the patch keep their old stats. In order to get rid of them, Funcom would need to write and run a script on official severs that identifies and replaces them.

Funcom has to consider whether the exploited item is a serious enough problem to dedicate the resources to such a thing. As far as I recall, a script like that has only ever been run once, and it caused a lot of additional issues that could not be undone.

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They can run a sql command on the databases to remove all of those spears. Problem is, the longer they wait, the more legit spears will get caught up.

This is also only typically the case with modded items. However, the strength bows still maintain their agility stats if they were farmed before the update, whether modded or not. So I’m not 100% certain how the patches work with pre-existing items, given those exceptions. I assume the case with the bows is that the strength stat versions are a new item and the old ones were removed from the drop pool.

Whether a weapon is Strength or Agility-based is set at the weapon’s creation. This is why old ones stayed the same.

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We’d rather not. Vets knew how to retain stats on those items so now a good chunk of players sells those spears for irl cash on popular officials.
I hope funcom doesn’t fix this one till the next chapter.

This time a lot of players knew precrafted spears will keep stats and therefore crafted many.
Now its even better then before.
No one is able to craft them anymore. But some players have many precrafted.

Yes , that ruins PVP for 100%
I guess it’s time to stop with Conan , PVP makes no fun at all anymore .

Edit : I guess the only way to fix this , is if funcom reduce the dmg for all of that item type … or change slow down the movement Animation

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