Fix Your Game Funcom

Hello there,
thanks for messing it up bigtime AGAIN.

After the WoW Classic launch, the PvP Scene was about to die.
The remaining players tried to keep the game alive but after the latest patch,
it’s just over.

Spears? Light attacks? Fine. But what the frick did you guys do with the heavy attacks?
I am falling asleep while doing those.

Spears have been the meta for a long time, but now they are just not good anymore.
So we are supposed to use what?
Mauls and warhammers?
Let’s fight 10v10 and everybody is going to be hitting each other.

It wasn’t easy to use them if it wasn’t Whirlwind or Jhebbal Sags.
Now daggers are horrible as well.
If you get the bleeding stacks, well you just go for soothing and 20 stacks are nothing.

If you wanna go for the main option use bandages.
A waaaaay too heavy cripple.

Bows ?
Oils and Kits. Nuff said.

So basically all that is left is hammers, maybe daggers and buggy bows.

AI? -Firespark’s video.
Oil and more kits ?- Wutface.
New weapons ?- Have fun RP Com.

So overall it’s about one question:
Why don’t you just add the DLC, fix the important stuff and don’t add a bunch of garbage?


I tried reading this afew times… was this you talking to yourself in a rant lol. You could of just skipped everything and said the last line.

But for real tho everything you outlined plus more is every thread on this forum under the WTF category or what they call “Bugs” in any of the systems PC/PS4/XBOX

Bugs ? Thats gamebreaking stuff, not just bugs lol.
And yea, its me talking to myself.
Im talking to myself because funcom’s gunna take 10 years to fix anything.
( Fixing means adding even more ‘bugs’ ).

Great art I agree, great graphic ehm… not so much ^^

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