Broken Vehicle Sprints


I’ve mentioned this before, made Bug reports, but it never seemed to get anywhere: Broken Vehicle Sprints. Back in TSW, when you drove a motorcycle, scooter, skates, or hover-board, if you used your turning keys to make your vehicle turn, it would LEAN over and turn in a set diameter, much like a real vehicle! It was great and it was fun! (Go to TSW and test this so you can know what I’m talking about!)
However, when SWL originally went to Beta, there were no Turn keys. It was ALL Mouse driven. But people complained that they used their turn keys to control their characters in game and someone listened and brought the turn keys back! Great! However, they don’t seem to have been re-linked to the vehicle sprints. (I know the turn keys are the arrow keys now, and the “A” and “D” keys are for strafing.) In any case, turning vehicle sprints with the keyboard while in motion does not work in SWL. Getting someone to look at this at some point would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I have the same problem and since SWL I no longer use any vehicles (+ skateboard or roller), and I do not buy any more either, since I can not use them :pouting_cat:


Every person i see on a scooter at a distance is sitting on it backwards, this has been since TSW too lol


Just seen one lol
So not quite backwards as i first thought but it does look like the front has detached from the rest of it and they are sitting awkwardly.


I have the same problem with vehicle sprints. As someone who primarily uses the keyboard to play, it makes the vehicle/mount sprints unusable for me, which is a shame, because I miss my hoverboard.


So you mean they actually do have code for making them work correctly? This has been a big pet peeve for my friend cause he likes the look of the motorcycle but he doesn’t use the sprint because it doesn’t look right when he turns. weird that they haven’t implemented it… or is there like a way to go into settings and get it to work?


That’s the thing I’m asking for. In TSW they worked beautifully! But SWL broke the keyboard turning in game, and when they brought it back, they didn’t realize how it would affect the vehicle sprints too. Or… not affect them as the case may be. And it is a shame. I miss using my Tron skates, and hoverboards in the skate pit or around town…