Bryan Skull's Spell Book

The Lich Bryan Skull has alot of magic. It’s unknown how many spells he has learn to master. An Archmage lying dead with burnt body is holding a copy spell book of Bryan Skull. Let us translate the spells. The Book is Huge. The book colors are Dark Green with a black skull leather patch in the middle. Amazing the book is a portal to all spells. We seem to lack the magic rings to translate most of the Spells.Page 998 had alot of curses. Page 999 Had a lot of Necromancery Spells. Page 1000. Bryan Skull’s personal spells. We are able to translate Skull’s personal spell list. All Bryan Skull’s spells seem to have green energy around them once used.

Bryan Skull’s Army of Bones: All dead bodies on ground reanimate to skeleton versions. Lasts forever. Skeletons reform.

Bryan Skull’s Bone Armor: Gain Armor,Bonus Health,Bonus Weight,Bonus Stamina Capacity,Bonus Speed,Melee damage (unarmed) x10per level. Always Active.

Bryan Skull’s soulsteal: drain players health and stamina. Killed players will turn them into an undead thralls.

Bryan Skull’s bone wings: Grants flying. Bone wings sprouts from Bryan Skull’s back.Always active.

Scream of Bryan Skull: Enemy NPCs and players suffer x5 debuffs for 5 mins.

Bryan Skull’s soul punch: Enemy NPCs (none bosses) auto die. Players are knock out of thier bodies. Your spirit has a time limit that drains you health until you reach your body.

Bryan Skull’s corpse eat: consume a corpse to recover.x5 the corpse max health.

Bryan Skull Overlord Lich Throne: A Throne made of skulls. The skulls whisper sercets. Nothing is hidden. All Enemies,recipes and etc are shown.

Bryan Skull’s true Lich self: Bryan Skull’s bone armor bonus are now x999999999. Plus Size increase of lich form is x5 with a bone tail and bone claws. Can be transform at any time. Can also be untransform any time. Permanent as long as Bryan Skull is transform.

Possess the living: Bryan Skull can posses a living host. The host being used is to heal Skull’s body. The living host will die or vomit if release by Skull before the drain kills them.

Bryan Skull madness: Players gain corruption. This corruption doesn’t decrease health. Players slowly transform into were rat people. Slowly force to use were rat weapons and armors. This effect last until a dancer heals corruption.

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Bryan Skull’s trap spells.

Quick Sand of bones: Bone Pit that is a trap of Quick Sand and Bones.

Swords Of Bryan Skull: All Bryan Skull swords are cursed and bound to fight for him. Looks like a common sword found in the blacksmith. Until all the swords come to life.

Mimic treasure room: Room full of mimics treasure chest. This room is dangerous. What you want most is seen in each treasure chest as an illusion.

Notes on Bryan Skull’s Overlord Throne.

The throne is permanent.

The Throne can teleport to Bryan Skull at will.

The throne can cast spells, mind controll enemies and even summon the undead.

The throne knows Conan Lore and every other lore.