What is Bryan Skull?

To some Bryan Skull is a monster. A skeleton mage to the rest. Bryan Skull was born an Arch Lich.

Bryan Skull wa born to die. In a time so long a go a powerful sorceress was born. She lived her days using her magic to help people. She also was an alchemist. Using her powers to located rare ingredients. Most of her spells were used to protect and heal. Potions for when she was too tired.

Years pasted. The sorceress fell in love with a sorcerer. They move to his tower and made a life together selling potions. A nobleman of great wealth was jealous of the couple happiness. He was unhappy with his life and his own wife. Not one did the nobleman and his wife were as happy as the sorcerer and sorceress.

Years past. The nobleman plotted to turn the young couple happiness into sadness and misery. The nobleman try to ruin the couple business. By stating the sorceress and sorcerer curse people so they could cure people.

A few years later the nobleman’s wife died. The nobleman went insane after losing his wife. Thinking that his wife died to unnatural death. In his mind he accused the sorcerer and sorceress for his wife’s death.

He waited for his chance for his hallucination revenge. He notice one day the sorceress was slowing down. She was pregnant. But with the sorcerer always around the nobleman couldn’t do anything. The nobleman ask one of his friends to lure the sorcerer with a potion business deal. The sorcerer thinking this is a great fresh start for his family agree to the business deal.

After arriving at the place were the deal was at. A few mercs showed up. The sorcerer realize this was a trap. Quickly the mercs rush the sorcerer. All mercs died fast. One by one with each curse the sorcerer used. Not a single blade touch the sorcerer. The sorcerer search the bodies for coin and intel. He found a note saying were to pick up the coin for when the job done. The sorcerer rush back home.

While the sorcerer was gone. The nobleman with a few of his gaurds rush the sorcerer and sorceress tower. Killing all in the tower. The sorceress use defense magic. The nobleman bodygaurds were slayed by the towers golem. It seems the nobleman knew magic. You can hear the crackling of bones as his bodyguards became living corpses. The sorceress use a lot of stamina casting spells used to destroy the undead. The sorceress made a final attempt for a barrier. The sorceress threw a yellow glass orb and said “burn you @$$”. The nobleman notice all the lamps were destroyed. Oil everywhere he caught on fire sreaming. The nobleman rush the sorceress knocking her and him out the tower. The sorceress pray to Derketo for revenge. The sorceress died with tears running down her face. Knowing her child to be born was dead.

Burnt badly with one unburnt arm survive. Both his legs were shatter. The nobleman notice the woman after death gave birth. The child was dead. The nobleman try to used necromancer. The spell failed. The nobleman was puzzled. His necromancer attempts had never failed. The nobleman hear a laugh as a half undead woman rip his arm off. Derketo threw down the man’s arm down. She turn the infant into an Arch Lich. She made a deal with the Arch Lich eat the soul of the man that kill the Arch Lich’s mother and Derketo will reward you Lich. The nobleman scream as the Lich ate his soul.

Derketo offer immortality to the lich. The lich agree. Derketo name the Lich Bryan Skull.

A few seconds later the sorcerer appear. He saw his beloved dead. He watch in the thick bushes to see the Lich bury her. He heard the lich say"It will be ok mom, I’ll get a chance to explore this world. You can rest now."

The sorcerer wait for a few hours. The Lich was gone. He mourn the lost of his wife. The nobleman friend got a letter confirming both sorcerer and sorceress are dead. The nobleman’s friend went to the burn down tower. He fell to the ground choking to death. The sorcerer got his revenge.

No matter what destroy Bryan Skull body he always came back. Using necromancer to kill his enemies. Bryan Skull use the ritual dagger on dead female enemies. Derketo was pleased. As centuries pasted skull spells needed a boost in power.

After using the dagger on dead female bodies Skull began to posses the bodies. Not enough power in dead bodies. Dead bodies fell apart too fast. Skull needed a living body. Skull started possesing bodies by forced. Male bodies decayed on Skull. Forced posses female bodies left the body weak and drain. Skull need to make a deal with someone.

Skull first woman body was a woman accused of witchcraft. After she agree to let skull take over her body. The villagers burn her alive. The woman reappeared naked behind her house. Skull explain death wasn’t the end. The woman was shocked to see her body burnt while she was still alive. She sneak out of that village. The villagers were too busy watching her old body burn. As many bodies came and went Bryan Skull magic grew stonger. Most host body decayed after 100 years. Forcing Skull to find a new bodies.

Skull study magic and people. While one day he found alot of bodies dying on crosses. Most bodies too weak and would crumble from being possessed. Skull notice a woman being cut down by a man. After a few words the man left. Yhe woman walk forward. Skull slowly following her. Bryan Skull made sure no one was following him. The woman was unarmed and unarmored. Skull offer the woman magic powers in exchange for her body to be used as Skull’s vessel. The woman refused.

After 3 days in exile lands the woman agree to skull. Skull possessed her body. The woman said" By the way my name is Faye Dragonskull."

And that how skull is in the Exile lands.