Draw me like one of your French girls

My name is Bryan Skull. I’m a Lich. Sure you seen my illusion form. Skeleton mage in robes. But that only the small taste of my true form. This is my demigod form. I’m a thick Skeleton with four legs and ten arms. Each armed with a sword. There are six arms facing foward. My other four are facing backwards. This way I can fight in two directions. Don’t forget my chains of destiny as well as my thick Skeleton dragon bone tail and dragon bone wings. Each hand has bone claws. Each toe has a bone claw. My teeth are razor sharp pointy daggers. My chains are heavy. My Demigod form is mostly for close up attack. I call it Bryan Skull Melee form. I train both First and 2nd forms. 2nd form raises the dead with a power scream. Like a banshee this form scream is deadly to the living. I used my chains as a belt and to drag my enemies close to me fore the death blow. Emerald green skeleton with neon green eyes.

So draw the Skeleton King: Bryan Skull. My swords are all different.

I am Dethos the Pict, I to smoke the lotus and get crazy visions.


Those ten arms,four legs,tail and wings are real. You should read my birth. I was born a Lich.

'Uh, okay, uhm… Not sure how much of a story getting birthed is. From what I hear all of us more or less just sort of flop out of our mothers. All blue till we get a few breaths crying, and still covered in afterbirth…

According to my mother, I was born in a tree, because my people were hiding from the ghost snakes of the Pictish wilderness. See… during their mating season, that is when they will really try and eat themselves an entire family as they sleep in their huts. So we’d take to the trees overnight in the start of the rain season, with a few staying guard, to have better luck surviving."

Smoking some more of his Purple Lotus derived gum.

"…You ever see a female child of Jhebbal Sag? I used to wonder why, the human in those relationships, was always the mother. Like why there were no female children of his, that remembered, and were walking among men, and wanting to… you know… find a mate.

Turns out, there are, but they always kill and eat the men when it is over. Still, I mean, how bad a way to go can it be, am I right…

… Wow, why is everything so foggy here… Oh yeah, I’m on the lotus… right…

Who are you again?"

You want to know my backstory? Go to Fanwork topic What is Bryan Skull?

I am Bryan Skull ArchLich and Demigod born into the mortal realm. Well the realm of Conan Exiles.

“Demigod? Uhm, I think you are a little more to the winds from smoking this stuff than I…”

Draw me like one of your French girls.

'I’m not much of an artist, and what is a French girl? Is that like a place in Stygia or somewhere?"

I am Bryan Skull. I am an ArchLich and I exist in many realms. Draw me like one of your Conan Exiles girls.

Hi, Bryan Skull,
i am a good fighter with my sword, but bad at drawing …
… but I give my best for you!! :smiley:


best regards


I was hoping you would draw me.

Excuse me, i only read French girl,
of course I will do it immediately if I
have time!

… but from the description,
it could be difficult :open_mouth:

ok big Bryan Skull , here is my second picture and my last.
After reading your description, I knew that I was not worthy
to paint a picture of you in your true appearance
… so I decided for the simple appearance,
the Skeleton mage in robes, I hope you like it, I took a long
time for it! :wink:


I do not have more talent, because I’m just a barbarian and I
do not have four legs and ten arms. No chains and no thick
tail. No claws and no sharp teeth and I do not scream like a
ghost, and my eyes do not sparkle in neon colors …

I have only forged a sword of steel, and with this I crush all
my enemies in the land of the exiled!

@DethosThePict, thanks for the lotus! :smiley:

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I’m trying to imagine what the skull inside a trollface looks like.


Does this help Kapoteeni?

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I need to be thicker. I’m a thick skeleton.