A few spells form my old spell tome that would fit conan exiles

Skull portal- Animal head or human skull required. This portal safety warps you to your base. You gain 5% max corruption.

Bone Spikes: Pierce enemy armor and cause bleeding effect. Enemies must be in close range. Bone Spike does very little damage. Can’t wear armor while casting Bone Spikes.

I like to add a passive armor that is base on corruption. The more corruption you have. The stronger the armor. Bone armor also increase walking speed,running speed and attacking speed by 1% per 1% max corruption. It caps at 15%. Carry wieght also increase by 1% per 1% max corruption. It max out at 50 extra carry wieght.

Bone armor passive can’t be in effect while wearing armor. Clothing items only.

I like to add a transformation spell that changes the shape of your hands into weapons. And 1 handed weapons including the dagger weapon. Also you can transformed your hands to claws. The more corruption the stronger the weapons. Can’t farm,use items or etc with transformed hands.

Night vison for corrupt players . The more corruption the better night vison you have. Weakness? Looking at a light source blinds the player. So turn it on in dark areas.

All hail Bryan Skull: a wall of skeletons in green armor forms a path for you to cross. Requires bones to active.

Lord of Lichdom Bryan Skull’s throne: A throne of skulls appears allowing you to sit. The entire throne is made of human skulls. They whisper to you dark sercets and allow all undead to be shown on maps. As well as recipes,emotes and etc you haven’t found yet. The throne disappears if you get off it. The missing icons of emotes, recipes and etc disappears. This also helps you find resources.

Minon Eating: This allows players to escape death by sacrificing a thrall. You recover that thrall current health. The thrall dies in your place. You gain 5% max corruption.

Scream of the banshee kill all enemy t1-t2 thralls near you. Consumes all corruption. You must be 50% Max corruption to use this ability. This move heavly damage player’s armor and current weapon or tool out. Players are damage. Survivors runs in panic for 10 seconds.

Bryan Skull hide me: you loses corruption to blend in your walls.If you run out of corruption you lose stamina. Run out of stamina you lose health. My price is fair. Deactive to stop hiding.

Bone Cage trap enemies in a Bone Cage. This spell useful to drown swimmers as well. Only 1 Bone Cage can be summon at a time. 10% of max corruption is needed as well as Bones.

Bryan Skull’s madnessl: Player gain 1% Max corruption per 5 second . Hold still to get corruptions while casting this spell. The player chants. This is a self casting spell.

Punch the sorcerer: You transfer up to all your corruption onto a team member. The team member loses 10% of thir max hp as damage. Team members at 20% of max can’t be effective by this. Min tranfer of corruption is 50% of your current corruption.

Bryan Skull’s Zombie army: Max 15 Zombies. Zombies are created from dead bodies on ground. The player reanimates the dead to Zombie status. If a Zombie kills something then that killed creature becomes a Zombie. As long as a player doesn’t control 15 Zombies. Zombies have 50% more health and Are 30% slower than thier living counter parts. Zombies heal by eating raw meat. ZombieS are x3 weak to fire orbs. Zombies are immune to the gas orbs and poisons/vemons. They are also immune to weather effects. Zombie weakness other than fire? You’ll see them miles ahead. Easy to spot and plan ahead. being slow is a major weakness. Zombies have natural armor. 5% Of max corruption to reanimate a Zombie.

my tomes are power.

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