Trophy Idea to Expand Hunting and exploration

I have played on an official PvP server for about 9 months. I enjoy building and fighting, but I find hunting to be really enjoyable to break it up. Being able to take heads and mount them to decorate a home is a satisfying barbarian past time.

That said, I would love to see more trophy heads added. Not necessarily new modeled heads, but heads that would seem to be skin changed only like the bone dragon and white dragon. Although would love other world boss heads (i.e. the Rhino beast boss from jungle, giant spider, etc.) Going for the same bosses for keys that give random legendary items regardless of chest location can become a bit mundane, but give me a reason to travel to the sinkhole for a bone dragons head and I am in!

At least for me, I have enjoyed collecting every head and mounting and decorating with them (except the White Rhino!?) that I would love the challenge of other big world boss heads where myself or a group of friends or even a group of players can have hunting expeditions that fair more than the normal gathered items.

p.s. anyone know how to obtain a white rhino head? Seriously? o7


If you would like to see the mechanics for Conan exiles changed or even built off of i am currently working on a large list of what everyone in the community wants to see for both a new map and mechanic before releases their Annual plan for Conan exiles.

Feel free to chime in, comment and add to the ever growing list things are getting quite interesting!

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Would like to see full body stuffed animals, too. Not just heads.

Last I checked, white rhinos roam around at the Shattered Springs, brimstone lake place :slight_smile: Admittedly, haven’t checked recently, but they should still be there to my knowledge? Correction if wrong would be appreciated, of course

I certainly second this motion. In my own suggestions list, I request that we should also be able to harvest imp, frost giant, werehyena and serpent man head trophies.

I only found grey rhinos at Shattered Springs. I think white rhinos spawned there earlier in the game and were removed at some point. Even currently with the possibility of a white rhino from raising them, I have killed the white rhino pet and only ever received a rhino carcass.

Hmm… That’s kinda sad… Gonna go by later and check(just in case, gotta get a bit of brimstone anyway)… I’ll let you know if I find anything. But, yes they did at the very least use to be there :slight_smile:

Edit: Okay… I’ve now been popping around in SP with admin mode on, to all spots i know of that contain Rhinos… I see what you mean, absolutely no White Rhinos whatsoever… Seems to have definitely been removed or something :open_mouth:

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