Fluffy's List of Suggestions


Here’s my list of suggestions.

Player thrall

I want to put my friends/enemies in the wheel of pain! Knock out human players, get them to walk the wheel of pain. Once converted (it would have to be a day or 2 to avoid their boredom of a regular thrall conversion) they can either earn their freedom by mining resources or following the player in combat (x amount of resources or x amount of kills needed for freedom).

I’d like to visually see them on the WOP and maybe put a sign on them.

It would also be neat for people to rescue their captured team mates via the same process.

YOU are being hunted!

Farming dafari, black hand camps,rabbits etc will fill up a bar visible to the player, once full a hardened team of warriors will seek out the player for revenge! They drop better loot but hit like hell, killing them all will reset the counter for now!

Player Trophys

We have a cleaver and a trophy feat why not allow us to put player heads on trophies and mount them on the wall?

PVP Global Ranking System

Everyone gets a starting rank in PVP, killing non clan players (once they reach a certain level) earn you points towards your global rank. Killing the same player consecutively gives no points.

At some point in time I want to see two teams fighting it out for ■■■ prize money. Destroying their enemies shrine to win.

Big Camp Conversion

Approaching a camp with my weapon outdrawn will entail a hostile response from the camp, otherwise I can enter the camp and not gain any aggro and talk to the leader who will ask me if i want to join their clan. If I do want to join I must complete a set of objectives i.e.

gather resources
kill a rival clan leader and bring his head back
hunt down a member that abandoned the clan and bring back proof (i.e. heart or something else from other camps)

Once I’ve completed these objectives I can challenge the clan leader in a FIST fight, if I win i get the camp converted meaning worker thralls and highest versions including uniques automatically get assigned to stations.

If I lose the fist bout I get thrown into the yog pit or get to walk the plank.

King of The Hill

You can hunt other players down (would have to be a certain level i.e 40 to avoid abuse), execute them and earn KOH points for each kill. Once you get x amount you get more attribute points to spend and thralls to add to your army (level 4 archers, fighters).


Purchaseable through the main conan screen via steam can be hats,clothes, weapons, pets and armour for them. Community created items can also be sold, with proceeds of sale going to creators and funcom.

I’m divided on this but maybe even though players have still bought items they would still need to gather resources or train pets?

Level 60

Once I reach level 60 I kind of don’t want to waste durability of my weapons hitting creatures/npcs. Once I reach 60 the appeal of striving towards something tapers off. I definitely think levels need to be increased or new perks implemented.

Stats/Kills Leaderboard

Being able to see stats such as kills, my deaths, how many rescources I’ve gathered in my current lifetime on the server would be handy.

Conan Price Point

At £30 this is quite steep, you can probably gain more users if you were to lower it. I guess if you were to implement shops get user generated content on there you could lower this at some stage.


I like the steel combination of axe and pickaxe due to less weight and it frees up a slot. I don’t see the need to get a star metal axe and pickaxe unless there is a version of it. Is there no combined hardened steel axe and pickaxe?

I have more but I’m too tired to list.

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