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Welcome I wanted to make a suggestion post with some community ideas that I have seen in the forms and liked. My goal is to get all the ideas together in one place in hopes that as a community we can raise the likes and maybe get the post noticed. So after you read this, if you like the ideas posted drop a like. If you have something you want to comment about feel free to. Some ideas are mine and others are from other people in the community, I will be adding their names next to the suggestion.

  1. Suggested by Dzonatas [Potent Compost for Special Zombies] - My thoughts (I love this idea. This would open up unlocking the Witch Doctor (Knowledge). For Example, You need a human and a special compost made from dragon bone and maybe the rhino head to get [Undead Monstrosity] This honestly could be huge, some could take demon blood and corrupted stone. It has a bunch of potential.]
  2. Suggested by jmk1999 [Permanent War Paint] - My thoughts (Yes this should be permanent even if you die. In fact, it should have a slot for it that slot should be seen just like your armor slots. The war paint is purely cosmetic now. There are no special effects they have been removed so having it fade away or to have it removed upon death is just a tedious mechanic now. It should stay till changed)
  3. Suggested by MarcosC [Prison for NPCs] - My Thoughts (Amazing idea, The prison can be a station like the wheel of pain but it work’s like the compost. The prisoners can die if no food is put into it. Adding food stops the timer. When I talked to @MarcosC he also mentioned a tumbleweed wagon or [Persioner transportation system]. This would be amazing because it could open up a third Taskmaster specialization [Slavetaker] Which is someone who specializes in transporting slaves. But it also removes the need to have Wheels of pain all over the map. You could build a station that looks like a wagon that holds 8 prisoners load it up and when you are ready send it back to your camp. They could then be moved to the Wheel of Pain, Prison, or be used for sacrifice)
  4. . Suggested by Catastrofus & BorysofEbe [Orb of Negal for Thralls] - My thoughts (Gonna try to keep this short because this irritates me so much. Yes Yes YES!!!. Having something to change the hairstyle and hair color and eye color and voice options race-specific voice options would be amazing. Now, this is only the begging because we need something to be able to change all Thrall clothing. After all, I hate not being able to change the Workstation Thralls outfits like the Blacksmith or priest or tanner, etc… Same with weapons I want to pick what they use and what they are wearing.)
  5. Suggested by TenJumpChump [New Thrall Type - Scholar] - My Thoughts (This would be amazing. They could hint at where to find a treasure or where to find certain materials or give info about the biomes and beasts. It has amazing promise. If you want to look up an item directly without needing a wiki, it could be useful. The scholar could trigger little individual world events. It could also alert the player to the general location of the new server world events. Plus what about finding notes around the Exiled Lands and you turn them into the scholar they would tell you lore he knows, Could be short stories from Conan comic adventure or within the Conan universe.)
  6. More Immersive Thralls - This could all be set up and controlled from a Commander’s Table and all the Thralls we break are registered to this table. From this table, we can set up actions and have Thrall’s train or do patrols around our kingdom. It would be nice to be able to assign Thralls to beds so they can sleep and move around and talk to each other. Also, let us set up night patrols so some thralls sleep during the day.
  7. Change Dancer Thrall to Entertainer Thrall - This would let you have two specializations [Bard] or [Dancer] Would be nice to hear some Bards sing in our taverns.
  8. New Station [Butchers Table] We can put our cook on this station to make Meat, Bone, and Blood from animals that we no longer want/need.
  9. New Thrall [Merchant Thrall] - This Thrall randomly leaves your kingdom and goes around to other NPC’s cities this is managed again with the “Commander’s Table” with items you give them to sell. They have a chance to sell your goods and bring back some gold and silver coins or will bring back rare items from other places like pet eggs and stuff, the more places you explore the more places he can go and explore.

If you like the ideas please drop a like and comment XD.

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Loved the ideas. If I had to choose among them, thrall customization would be first.
They are all good though.

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Thank you @MarcosC. Also I forgot one. The last corrupted authority perk [Demon Lord] Should let you keep your summoned demon from the summing circle. Demon Lord implies mastery over it. RNG damage is stupid for the name of this perk.

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