Community Collective Ideas

Greetings! I’d like to present some community ideas that have caught my attention in the forums. My aim is to gather all these ideas in one place, hoping that as a community, we can garner support and bring attention to this post. If you appreciate any of the ideas shared, please show your support by liking them. Additionally, feel free to share your own thoughts and comments. Some ideas come from various community members, and I’ll credit them accordingly.

Suggested by Dzonatas [Potent Compost for Special Zombies] - My thoughts (I’m genuinely enthusiastic about this idea! It could introduce the Witch Doctor (Knowledge) as an unlockable character. For instance, to create the [Undead Monstrosity], you might require a human, special compost made from dragon bone, and perhaps a rhino head. The possibilities are vast, as some creations could involve demon blood and corrupted stone. This concept holds immense potential.)

Suggested by jmk1999 [Permanent War Paint] - My thoughts (Absolutely! War paint should remain permanent, even after death. In fact, it should have its own dedicated slot, similar to armor slots, visible at all times. Currently, war paint is purely cosmetic, with no special effects. Therefore, having it fade away or be removed upon death is an unnecessary mechanic. It should persist until intentionally changed.)

Suggested by MarcosC [Prison for NPCs] - My Thoughts (What an amazing idea! The prison could function like a station, akin to the wheel of pain, but with a compost-like mechanism. NPCs in the prison would perish if not provided with food, and adding food would halt the timer. Additionally, @MarcosC mentioned a fascinating concept of a tumbleweed wagon or [Prisoner Transportation System]. This could revolutionize gameplay by introducing a third specialization, [Slavetaker], for transporting slaves. Moreover, it eliminates the need for multiple wheels of pain scattered across the map. Picture a wagon-like station that accommodates up to 8 prisoners; you load it up and send it back to your camp when ready. The captives could then be transferred to the wheel of pain, prison, or even used for sacrifice.)

Suggested by Catastrofus & BorysofEbe [Orb of Negal for Thralls] - My thoughts (I’ll keep this concise because it’s a sore point for me. Yes, yes, YES! It would be incredible to have something that allows us to customize thralls’ hairstyles, hair color, eye color, voice options, and race-specific voice options. This, however, is just the beginning; we need a means to alter all thrall clothing as well. I despise being unable to change the outfits of workstation thralls like blacksmiths, priests, or tanners. The same goes for their weapons; I want to choose what they wield and what they wear.)

Suggested by TenJumpChump [New Thrall Type - Scholar] - My Thoughts (This idea is truly amazing! Scholars could provide hints about treasure locations, where to find specific materials, or offer insights into biomes and creatures. It holds incredible promise, as it could eliminate the need to consult external sources like wikis for item information. Scholars could even trigger unique world events, while also informing players of general locations for new server-wide events. Additionally, imagine finding scattered notes around the Exiled Lands and turning them in to the scholar, who would then reveal relevant lore. These notes could feature short stories from Conan comics or within the Conan universe.)

More Immersive Thralls - All these features could be managed and controlled from a Commander’s Table, where all registered thralls are listed. Through this table, we could assign actions, such as training or patrolling, to our thralls within the kingdom. It would be wonderful to assign thralls to beds so they can sleep, move around, and interact with one another. Furthermore, allowing us to establish night patrols would enable some thralls to sleep during the day.

Change Dancer Thrall to Entertainer Thrall - This modification would introduce two specializations: [Bard] and [Dancer]. It would be delightful to have bards serenading us in our taverns.

New Station [Butchers Table] - We could assign our cooks to this station to produce meat, bone, and blood from animals we no longer require.

New Thrall [Merchant Thrall] - These thralls would venture out of our kingdom and visit other NPC cities. This would be managed through the “Commander’s Table” by providing them with items to sell. They might return with gold and silver coins or rare items from different locations, such as pet eggs. The more places you explore, the wider the range of places the merchant thrall can visit and explore.

If you appreciate these ideas, please show your support by liking and commenting! Feel free to suggest improvements to the AI, making the game feel like a living world and enhancing combat by improving fist/chakram weapon combos.

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You forgot illusion and dye support for saddles :smiley:


I did lol I just noticed that thanks for catching it.



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More Crom items/artifacts sounds great to me.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


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