Corruption transformations (Were forms)

New items to add corruption pits. Corruption were forms. Put a were in front of an animal. There your were forms. Each were form is the same in stats bonus. I want corruption as a transformation. You pick your were form. 3 I would add in game from this idea at first are werewolf,wererat and werebear.

+5 to stats per 10 levels (Max at LV 40 or +20 max to stats)
+100 Armor per 10 level (400 Max at Level 40)
+10 to unarmed Damage per 10 Levels (50 max at level 50)
+5% Armor penetration per 10 levels (25% Max at level 50)
Gets less hungry and thirsty by 25%.
Auto nightvision.
+200 health,stamina and encumbrance- this encumbrance is refer to the carry weight and not perk encumbrance.
Heat and cold immunity

Bugeater: Eating bugs heals more and +50% more hunger fill by eating bugs. LV 1 passive.
Watersipper: Drinking water fills up thirsty by 50% more. LV 10 passive.
Meateater: Eating raw meat heals more and fills up hunger by 50% more. Level 20 Passive.
Spoil Meateater: You are able to eat spoil Meat. Level 30 passive.
Shreds of life: You now harvest x4 bugs and meat. Level 40 passive.

Active abilities:
Make some noise: Using your voice you make an animal sound. Level 60 active ability. Uses 100 stamina.

Can’t Use weapons.
Can’t Use Armors.
Can’t craft.
Can’t build.
Can’t use potions.
Can’t use other healing items.
Can’t use avatars while in were form.
Can’t eat cooked food.
Can’t drink anything,but water.
Can’t use sorcery. (when it finally comes out)
Weakness to Demon-fire orb, Grease Orb and Gaseous orb. Orbs with duration lasts x3 longer. Orbs that do damage does x3 damage.

Each were form has a male and female version. Your hair color is your fur,hide,skin or etc.

Were forms are fully nude,however no nips or gentility are shown. Scales,fur,hide or etc covers them up.

I forgot this part. Corruption shouldn’t reduce max health and stamina. Instead a corruption bar exist. This bar fills up to max you can transform/untransform. Your character remains transform until you untransform. Even if you die and respawn you still in your were form. The only thing were form players can carry is meat and bugs. They auto drop everything else.

May I suggest that this would be governed by personal settings instead than a fixed form? Wouldn’t be much of fun if our settings didn’t affect the visibility. :smile:

Anyhow, would be a fresh way to wander the landscape for awhile.

No. The defult underwear is ugly. If ps4 can’t have full nudity then, were forms can’t have full nudity. The nips and gentility are cover up. I want beautiful nude beast with fur,scales and etc covering up the censor parts.

These ideas sound nice, but… Instead of having this linked to corruption, which normally just weakens you and drives you to madness, I’d rather love to see it as a part of Jhebbal Sag’s cult. Let us become His daughers and sons !

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My idea removes corruption debuffs. A corruption bar to transform. Be warn the beast spirit holds onto you until you have a full corruption bar to untransform.

At least some of us do. I am able to have the characters fully nude. What I simply meant is that it would be good for us to have options.

I rather were creatures nips and gentility was cover up by natural means and not ugly underwear.

One would hope he’d quit bringing this nonsensical suggestion up.

He’s tried this crap before. A vastly OP suggestion that doesn’t belong in the game in the first place.

You didn’t read fully how sad.

This version balance. There zero speed bonus this time and only 1 were form buff. The were creatures lose the ability to use human stuff and cook food. Water only way to solve the thrist bar. Feat points are worthless to were creatures as they can’t build anything in the were form. I also added no chance to carry water skins as a were creature. So all that bonus comes to be forced to live near water as were creatures.

Only if we get silver arrows that can one shot them on a power shot to the heart. If we are going to have wear critters as playable characters it would be best if we stick to the classic weakness to silver.


I understand that.

That’s a nice PvP purpose right there.

Most Epic Armors are over 400 Armor.

If you get silver arrows, then all were creatures can 1 hit ko the player as the lore for were creatures is that most encounters is death.

No to silver arrows and no to 1 hit ko from were creatures.

My idea is balance. Fill up corruption bar. Transform.

Were creatures lose out a lot.

The corruption pits are built. Players soak in the pits.

Most Legendary weapons out damage them.

My idea of were form offers use for corruption. Right now corruption has no use. A waste of an opportunity for something great.

How about this on the silver arrows thing:

Silver Arrows remove corruption on hit: Because I figure wear-anything should have its classic weakness to silver

Wear forms die if they run out of corruption: I figure they should be very weak to silver… Would still be at an advantage against anyone who hasn’t gotten to farm the crap out of silver. (It should be a spreadable curse like in the classic sense, you bite someone and they become a wear-wolf too)

But yeah I guess I always figured corruptions use was to be a de-buff of sorts and possibly double as a mana bar for mages if we ever get spell casting of any sort(That comes at the cost of having less stamina and HP)

Were Forms requires a full corruption bar.

Were Forms has alot of weaknesses already. Look at the cons.

Low level 40 are better off as human players.

I gave them an orb weakness. That way orbs are useful were creature slaying tools.

I still have to say no to ko if corruption runs out, because all corruption is used up on transformation.

Once transformed you are permanent stuck as a were creature until you untransformed.

Were creatures can only carry meat and bugs. Loot can’t be carried by them.

So in essence, this form would provide some sort of a tag game into CE, correct? High level players may take the task as a werewolf and low level players could team up to hunt them?

If you roleplay that way.

The were creatures can’t farm,build,craft,use healing item,can’t wear armors, can’t use weapons and the rest of the cons.

Were creatures pros is reason why were creatures have many cons.

The were creatures lose thier humanity to gain power through corruption. This is why it is a corruption transformation.

I’m still rather attached to the idea of Werewolves having a weakness to silver weapons… What I’d propose for the upsides/downsides


Unarmed melee damage: Light attacks do bleed on a full combo, and heavy attacks sunder your foes. Heavy attack is teeth/biting, light attack is claws. All attacks do corruption damage.(This of course is more useful against non-wear creatures as were creatures don’t suffer the ill effects of corruption.)

Night-vision: You can see quite well in the dark while in wear form.

Passive healing: You heal over time, making you much harder to kill should you keep to the hit and run thing.(This would be comparable to pre-nerf lifeblood spear healing.

Corruption healing: This stacks with your passive healing, corruption “damage” now heals you. (As the corruption part of your HP bar now acts as a buffer between damage and what’s left of your HP bar.)

Iron stomach: You won’t get food poisoning from eating whatever. Perhaps a boost to healing from raw food items.

Perhaps allow were wolves to climb over the no-climb part of walls… or to double jump…


Armor breaks every time you transform. You cannot repair or equip your armor while transformed.

Cannot craft/build/repair while transformed.(You can however still eat any food items you have for healing… Wild animals are perfectly capable of eating already cooked food after all so I don’t see why the loss of your humanity would stop you from eating that roast beef you made while still human.)

And of course at least a 50% chance of death whenever hit by a fully charged power shot from those silver arrows I keep bringing up.

Not roleplay, but behaviour wise. Reasoning: The form doesn’t bring the domination to any new level, but only gives a fresh “vacation” from it all so to speak (gives power, but the power sort of “drags” to a different direction). Hence the idea of the form feels like something that would make way for something we would be meant to hunt. If low enough level of players cannot muster for the forms themselves, then they are intentionally designed more attuned to become the hunters of the hunted instead; as a sizable collective, also a fresh direction to undertake.

Nonetheless, it would be something fresh to uphold.