Were forms with corruption as it stats

What are were forms. They are corrupt players whom are 100 percent corruption. I want to remove corruption debuff. I want to add the disease corruption sickness. Your bones snap as you transformed into a beast. Slowly losing the ability to remain human. All were forms lose the ability to use two hand weapons and heavy armor. Were creatures gentility and nipples are default cover by hid,fur,scales or etc. Thralls can be turn into were thralls. New feats add to this would be were armor,were weapons,pits of corruptions and other were stuff. Were weapons are iron-steel. Epic were weapons and armors are star metal quality. All were creatures take x3 damage from religion weapons. Were creatures are immune to temperature effects and food poison.

Tier 1 (most of your clan if it huge) x2 health,+ 50% stamina,+5 all stats,+20% Movement, +20% Attacking Speed,+25 Armor,+10% Unarmed penetration and +10 to Unarmed damage.

Tier 2 (Elite members of your clan. 3 max clanmates) x2 health, x2 Stamina,+ 10 to all stats, +10% Movement,+10% Attacking Speed,+50 Armor,+20% Unarmed Armor Penetration and +20 to Unarmed damage. Lose the ability to use bows.

Tier 3 (Clan Leader or your spell caster. 1 max clanmate.) x2.5 health, x2.5 stamina,+15 to all stats,+5% Movement Speed ,+5% Attacking Speed, +100 Armor,+ 30% Unarmed Armor Penetration and +30 to Unarmed damage. Lose the ability to use bows and Medium Armor.

Tier 4 (Clan Leader or trusted clan commander. 1 max clanmate) x3 Health,x3 Stamina,+20 to all stats, +400 to armor,+50% Unarmed Armor penetration and +50 to Unarmed damage. Lose ability to use all weapons,armor,Sorcery (When it comes out), building none were buildings and corruption pits.

Were creatures that fit this game: Wererat,Werewolf,Weredragon,Werebat and Werebear.

Side note anything with a number by it can only have that max in a tribe.

Having male and female were forms are normally by keeping a bust on females and making females slimmer. The leader if thier clan decides what were form they have. Keep in mind religion weapons do x3 damage to a were creature. Were creatures requires planning.

By the way these types of transformations aren’t magic base.

There are 4 stages. Tier 1-4. 25% max corruption you get the option to transformed 100% Corruption to become Tier 4. You don’t have to transformed. Tier 1-4 requires 4 transformations. Corruption caps on none transformed players to 25%.

Once transformed if you seek your human form again you must sit in a purification pit. It removes your corruption and allows you to untransformed. Each stage has to be untransformed. Each untransformed holds the corruption you had.

Corruption pits and Purification pits have to be built away from each other.

Were thralls don’t gain stats boost nor the weakness of were forms. Were thralls are cosmic only.

I forgot to mention were slaying weapons. They do x5 damage to were form players. There a were slaying weapon type for each weapon type in game. Were slaying weapons don’t work well on none were form players. Were slaying weapons comes in stone,Iron,steel,hardened steel, star metal and epic flawless versions.
Were slaying weapons do -75% of there base damage on none were form players. Were slaying weapons when hitting a were form players reduce the were form player all speed by 20%.

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No responses? We have corruption now. This idea doesn’t need sorcery to make it happen.

Just sounds broken as can be.

You are basically asking for a lot of bonuses, with little real in-game reason behind the why of it.

There is no explanation of just how the Tiers is supposed to work. What if you are a single player without a clan? Are you then automatically gifted with the Clan Leader benefits?

I also don’t see were-creatures caring about buildings, furniture, or anything like that. They are beasts. They live out in the wild. They don’t have culture or society.

How is a clan leader going to dictate what were form someone gets? They either are male or they are female. From the sound of it, you expect the leader to snap their fingers and change that on a whim.

There is a lot to this idea. The problem is there isn’t really any substance to it.

Yeah sorry I started reading and then realized you were using the corruption mechanics for your idea and naw. Corruption only exists because it is the baseline for sorcery. Nothing will stand between the people and our need for sorcery lol.

Sounds like this could be a perk of Jhbal Sag and nothing more. Remove the pointless ultra expensive 10min claws and lets us just be a Werewolf for 10mins. rawr.
^yeah, pointless claws I said it. Ooooo you can attack fast for a few minutes at half the damage of everyone else. whoopie. I was very upset to find out they had a timer. seriously?! WET BLANKET

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Were forms work like this base untransformed players can store 25% corruption. Use that corruption to transformed. Then 50% to max 100% corruption. You are force to get more corruption to rank up your were form. T1 needs 25% max corruption. A T1 transformed were player can hold up to 50% corruption. There a limited how many stronger were forms can exist in each clan. T2 can only have 3. T3 only 1. T4 only 1.

Balance and keeping the pack in line. You want untransformed players as well. All were creatures can’t use religion,heavy armor and two handed weapons. All were creatures take x3 damage from religion weapons.

The clan must build corruption pits. The clan leader picks the were animal. The animal can be change at any time by offering a thrall up as a tribute. Were forms have both male and female versions. This way males are still males and females are still females. Nipples and gentiles are cover up by fur,scales or skin. So no nudity on them. They would be naked without the ugly default undies ,but still cover up.

Yeah this is just…bad.

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The were form transformed players can’t use any religion once transformed. You slowly lose your humanity.

If you want to hurt a were creature use religion weapons. I’ll use an example. The Lusttaker does 51 damage to an unarmored enemy player. A transformed were player unarmored would take 153 damage from Lusttaker.

This idea is so out of place for a sandbox survival game it’s ridiculous, it sounds more fitting for an RPG or action adventure game. Not to mention the benefits you’d want sorely outweigh the drawbacks, making it an extremely unbalanced and broken concept, if such a thing were ever to be implemented (which I highly doubt will), basically every alpha clan would be full of werebeasts, destroying the game’s balance.

The weakness to religious weapons is a pointless weakness, as this requires a fully upgraded shrine, and would make basically any NPC and animal an absolute joke. Not to mention the stat boost idea is well beyond broken, your idea already gives them an increase to health and stamina, but then the stat boost increases both further, not to mention it unlocks free perks, making it broken even further.

Then there’s one gameplay aspect your idea completely leaves out, The Purge. How would they be affected by it? Can they trigger it in that state? How would they build up the gauge at a sufficient rate for it not to deplete considering they are so limited with building when at tier 4?

Your idea is severely flawed, it was devised without putting the following things into consideration;

  • Core game mechanics
  • Game balance
  • Lore
  • How incredibly difficult this would be to implement

My were form players can’t use two handed weapons,heavy armor and religions. That the start of each lost.

Tier Two were form players lose the ability to use bows on top of tier 1 lost.

Tier 3 Players lose the ability to use medium armor on top of tier 1 and 2 lost.

Tier 4 loses the ability to use all weapons,armors, use sorcery (once released) and build none were buildings.

You do realize using were forms makes you have a target on your back. Corruption pits show up on the map.

There are clan limits on Tier 2-4 were forms.

Let say you have a clan of 10. You can only have 3 t2,1 t3 and 1 T4. Meaning the 5 rremaining will either be human or t1 were creatures.

Each were form increase your model size by 25% for t1 and max 100% for t4.

Most were creatures will use thier own claws or unarmed combat.

I also want thst every were form player’s name pops on the map. Stealth isn’t an option for them.

My hero. :slight_smile:

You are ignoring the fact that your build is so broken, losing armor, bows, and weapons is completely meaningless. That’s probably why you stuck them in there. It makes it -look- like you are giving up a lot. But you are gaining 10x more back from being a Were.

None of those “downsides” are really downsides at all. You’ve got heightened unarmed damage, so who needs weapons? You’ve got jacked up health and defenses, so who needs armor? You get special Were-buildings, so who cares if you can’t build normal ones?

Last, but certainly not least, your main weakness, religious weapons, means only the end-game players have any hope of fighting against you. Anyone less than that is just going to be maul fodder.

Maybe we should put this in terms you can understand.

Your idea is the equivalent of allowing a few characters in this game to be Superman, with all his equivalent powers. And kryptonite doesn’t exist in the Exiled Lands.


Again, you fail to address how the purge would be affected by this idea, and you also fail to explain how this would work for solo players. A significant amount of the ideas you’ve listed have little to no drawback to them, and I’ll explain why;

  • The restrictions on tier 1 form are far too minor considering the rather significant boost they get in practically every regard.
  • Increased damage taken from religious weapons is a rather pointless weakness, considering how long it takes to get a fully upgraded shrine (Level 50), meaning only alpha clans would really stand any chance against werebeasts, if they aren’t the werebeasts themselves. Meaning this idea screws over new-midgame players big time, an idea should be fair for new game all the way to end-game, not just be of benefit to end-gamers.
  • The entire concept defeats the point of how corruption currently works, currently corruption slowly reduces the player’s maximum health and stamina as it builds up.
  • You also fail to mention any limitation on transformed thralls, so again, as your idea stands, an alpha clan would reign dominant with an army of transformed thralls.
  • Size increase would not be a detriment, in fact this would be to their benefit, larger body means greater attack range.
  • I don’t think an alpha clan of werebeasts would care if people knew where they were, although this would put a massive strain on system memory for both PC and console, especially with the names constantly moving on the map in real time. Also, I think if an alpha clan decided to take advantage of this, they wouldn’t care for stealth, they’d be constantly on the offensive, tearing everyone else apart before they’re able to defend themselves.
  • The increased movement speed plus sprinting would mean a non-transformed player would have absolutely zero chance of escape, meaning if they encountered a werebeast player, they might as well just submit and die, they stand no chance.

There is simply no balance to this concept, as it stands, it purely favours end-game players and leaves newcomers and everyone else not at end-game level at their mercy, which is not how balance works. The spear + Darfari armour meta is broken enough, this is on another level.

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So I’m bored, this morning. Figured I’d wrangle this idea into something more palatable and at least roughly balanced.

A person transformed by fey powers into something more, and less, than human.
This can only be achieved by a level 60 character.

Were lose the ability to wield ordinary weapons, due to their misshapen hands and claws.
They gain unarmed damage (35).
Their claws have 6% armor penetration.
The best weapons I’ve seen are around 48 or so damage. Were claws do not have durability costs, so they get less damage as a penalty, same as with the armor penetration.

Were lose the ability to wear armor, but gain a thickening of hide and fur to protect themselves.
They obtain natural resistance to cold temperatures, but suffer more in hot climates.
Essentially the same as weapons, they get natural armor points as if wearing five pieces of armor, but at an armor penalty because their skin has no durability function. They count as medium armor, and one of the top Medium sets is around 440 defense. In comparison I would put the Were’s natural armor at around 370-390 total.

Given their bestial nature, Were shun the buildings of normal men, instead preferring to put together structures of bone and hide to dwell in.
Simple enough, they get their own buildings, made of bones, human skin, and animal hides and lose access to the normal ones.

Seems like a far more balanced way to be a Were.

Edit: As far as Purge mechanics, I would assume it’s exactly like any other player character to come after you. I’m not sure of all the ins-and-outs of the Purge itself.

Edit: And I suppose you could have a single blood token, for each Were to get a single Were thrall. This could be a slider option, so solo players that are offline could have as many as five Were thralls, to compensate for no other players present. While on the official servers it’s limited to one per player.

So T1 were form op to you? X3 damage from Religion weapons isn’t a down side to you. They lose the ability to max and use weapons. More lost the were froms than gain. Strength doesn’t effect were form players unarmed damage. were creatures plus Armor bonus only active when unarmored.

Were form players can’t hide from enemy players.

You can’t randomly run into were form players. They show up on maps.

I want to add anti were form weapons. These weapons do x5 damage to were form players.

Were thralls are cosmic. They get zero stats boost. Dancers or whatever they are call now corrupts the player.

I could take the time to again try to make you understand.

But at this point, given you always seem to make posts like this, I can only determine you are either trolling or else you are an underage player that doesn’t really understand how the game works.


Your ideea limits them.

You are wrong strong weapons are 40 or higher. The strongest weapons is 97 with 9% Armor penetration. The Predatory blade.

Were Buildings are more useful to them. Were creatures can enslave humans.

Fur and Hide only? There are many were creatures. WereDragon has scales. Werebat has skin.

Level 60? No! LV 1-60 for low levels should have it too.

That’s pretty rich, coming from someone who demands other people point them to good build locations because they can’t be bothered to explore the map themselves. Do you play this game?


I ask for a good flat large area to build. Not many large flat areas to build my huge forts. And if you think a flat unarmed damage of 35 with 9% Armor penetration is good you don’t know were creatures.

Are pandas in the game? Any animal in this game can have a were form for the player to use. I only stateed 5 for an idea.