Were creatures that can be added or whatever

With the new stat system I thought it be fun to bring in Bryan Skull idea of were creatures. However were creatures come in four types only. The four are werewolf,werebear, werepig and wererat. Wererat and werepig have max heat resistant and half of max cold resistance. Werebear and werewolf has max cold resistance and half of max heat resistant. All were creatures can eat raw meat and not get food poison.

You have to corrupted your stats to become a were creature. As well as build the were creature shrine. Were creatures don’t suffer from negative effects of being corrupted. Were creatures have their own weapons and armors called were weapons and were armors. Were weapons come in iron,steel,harden steel and star metal. Were armor same stats as default basic light, medium and heavy. They come in epic as well. Were creatures can only use were gear to fight with. The only expectation to this is tools. Were creatures armor weight is reduced by 90%. Potions,orbs,food,drinks and healing bandages weights 95% less on were creatures. Resources weight is reduced by 50%.

Bryan Skull would want higher stats on were creatures. The only stats worth increasing is health, stamina,carry weight and unarmed damage. All were creatures have a pro and cons to each rank of were creature. Were creatures gains base armor and unarmed damage. Unarmed damage for all were creatures is 5-10 damage. Unarmed damage increase by 1 per level above level above 10. Meaning a level 60 were creature player unarmed damage is 55-60. Unarmed armor penetration all were creatures have is 11%. The were creature armor penetration increase by 1% per 10 levels. Meaning level 60 were creature unarmed armor penetration is 17%.

A base stat is what all players start out with and base stats have zero stat points in. All were creatures have base armor or armor stat that is apply even when not wearing armor.

Rank 1 we’re creatures also know as grunts were creatures. These guys are the weakest were creatures of all. Base hp and stamina increase by 25%. Base carry weight increase by 50%. Armor increase by 1xyour player level. Meaning at level 1 you have 1 armor starting out. Meaning at level 60 your base armor is 60. Rank 1 we’re creatures can use all were creature weapons,were armor and can use sorcery.

Rank 2 known as the Enforcers. These guys are stronger than the grunts and leader. Base HP, Carry weight and stamina increase of 100%. Base armor increase by 2xyour player level. Meaning at level 1 you have 2 armor starting out. Meaning a level 60 were creature player has 120 base armor. Enforcers can’t use Sorcery. The max enforcers is 2 per clan. The Enforcers are chosen by the Leader of the were pack.

Rank 3 known as the leader. The leader has the difficult task of keeping their pack together. Base HP, Stamina and carry weight increase by 50%. Base armor increase by 1.5xyour character level. Meaning level 60 were creature has 90 base armor. The leader can’t use shields, medium armor, heavy armor or use two handed weapons. The leader is force to use sorcery. There can only be 1 leader. Everyone votes for the leader. You have to be a grunt before you can be voted as pack leader.

Rank 4 known as the brute the 2nd in command of the pack. Base HP, Stamina and carry weight increase by 300%. The brute is the fighter of fighters. Monster of the were creature. Base armor increase by 5xyour character level. Meaning at level 60 the base armor is 300. The brute can only use two handed strength were creature weapons. The brute can only wear heavy were armor. The brute can’t use magic. The brute is chosen by the leader. The brute the muscles behind the pack. 1 per clan

What the cons of being a were creature? You can’t get thralls to protect your base. You lack the ability to have thralls. You can still tribute thralls and kill them for sorcery. Thralls won’t protect your base.

All were creatures buildings are t1. Dens and nests of were creatures are easy to build,but t1 only.

Dens and nests can be trapped with poison and other special were creature traps. Were creatures nests act like beds and are easy to build. Were creatures nests and dens alerts were creatures of intruders.

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“I’m not Bryan, but he sure had some good ideas! Handsome, too!”


Do you have a thing for Bryan? If you posted were creatures in the past I would have quote your name. My version is better than Bryan’s original version.

He is very handsome. I heard he got a new phone recently too, wonder which one he got?


Handsome? I didn’t think a pile of bones could be handsome. Maybe you need your eyes checked. I want were creatures my version to be added in game.

Nah, sorry.

You didn’t even mention anything about the topic.

A topic that took a week to make gets ignored. But if you insult the game you get everyone in the forums.

Let it die, Bryan. Nothing lasts forever


You copy every statement Bryan made and say they’re better than his.

I can now finally say: “YOU are Bryan”

Not only do you act 100%, no you even increase that to 1000%!

Please get out of the forum, you keep posts active just to get more attention.

You’re Bryan, sorry you haven’t progressed a bit.

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nice idea

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Just because I’m a fan of his work doesn’t make me Bryan. This topic actually took weeks to plan and no one took it serious.

No offense, but if this thread took weeks of planning I would have hoped there would be more research done behind it. Refererences to instances in canon, supporting examples, anything to back it up really.

To me this seems more like a baseless wishlist more than a carefully planned suggestion.


Copy? I gave credit for his idea. I limited the choices of were creatures down to 4. His idea had stats boost. The only stats That were increase by my version is health, stamina and carry weight. Did you even read his original version?

My idea focus on base level one character health, stamina and carry weight. Meaning you can still use your own builds for were creatures.

There already werewolves in the game. Thought to spice it up with 3 more were creatures. Give corruption another use.

Well there’s the were-hyenas, which aren’t wolves. The wolfmen are an entirely separate species.

Corruption is already getting a new use, it’s tied to sorcery upcoming

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But a second use could be fun too.



I mean, I could go digging for those old threads, but I don’t really think you need them. Imagine someone who behaved exactly the same way @BallsofSteel does, but the only thing they ever do on the forums is ask Funcom to add sorcery to the game so they can play as a lich.