What my topic were forms was about

Most of you complain or insulted it. Were forms was a way for players to avoid religion,heavy armor and two handed weapons. It was also a way to transformed without sorcery. Things players b**** about are Avatars,two handed weapons and heavy armor. Has any of you fought with just your fist? Of course not. I had counter measurements to were forms. Were slaying weapons noob-pros weapons. Were slaying weapons do x5 to were form players. Anyone use spears? You know that two handed poke stick. Bows,Shields any weapon really could counter my were form version. That and heavy armor. Since you know most player vs player is done in heavy armor.

This community like ark. Afraid of change. Were forms was my baby. My idea I wanted to add in Conan Exile. I waited to add this topic.

Let me give you the full list of known Were forms (so you guys know what could have been): Wereape,Werebadger,Werebarracuda,Werebear,Wereboar,Werebuffalo,Werebull,Werecat,
Werecheetah,Werecrab,Werecrane,Werecreature, Werecrocodile,Werecrow,Weredog,
Werestag,Weretern,Weretiger,Werevulture,Werewalrus,Werewhale,Werewildcat and Werewolf.

Most of the complains was added speed stats or stats. None of you realize I didn’t give my idea auto regen bonus. In many lores were creatures heals faster and is x2 faster or greater than humans. A 20% in T1 too OP? T1 was weakest were form.

My pros and cons balance my version of were forms.

When you make a suggestion, you need to accept that not everyone is going to agree with you. That doesn’t justify mocking you or insulting your ideas, but your opinion is no more valuable or valid than theirs, so others have the right to disagree with your ideas.

Especially if your idea is only a rough sketch, it’s natural that people will want to refine the idea with you. But if you dismiss their contributions and insist on your idea being the only valid way to realize the game feature, you will face opposition, because different people want different things from the game.

Me, I just don’t feel fantasy horror lycantropy would fit into the theme of the Exiled Lands. The blessings of Jhebbal Sag (such as granted by the Claws, they just could be more useful) should be the closest equivalent. Turning into animals in the Conan lore feels like it should be more tied to sorcery than any natural ability.

Well, it’s both according to the D20 Conan RPG (although that is not neccessarily true to Howard’s works in all regards).
The D20 RPG states that there are two forms of lycanthropes, one is born naturally and can transform between human and beast and one is brought about by a sorcerous curse and is always in beastform.
But yeah, I think the curse would be closer t Howard’s works, the natural one just feels… too much like D&D.

The D20 game has too much of D&D remaining to be a convincing source for lore, I’m afraid. The problem is, D&D and the novels based on its various worlds is what most people see as mainstream fantasy these days, and people see fantasy settings that don’t have everything a good D&D world has as lacking something. That’s why we see people asking for vampires, werewolves, goblins, flying dragons, etc. added to Conan Exiles.

Howard’s big bad guys were evil (sometimes undead) sorcerers, and demons from outer space or from other realities altogether. If Funcom wants to be true to Howard’s legacy, the right direction is more like Call of Cthulhu and less like Forgotten Realms.


True, and fortunately FunCom seems to go the Cthulhu route with the upcoming dungeon. We’ll see where it leads…

I’d however blame TES for the desire for playable vampires and werewolves, simply because it’s better known among gamers due to TES IV and V’s popularity (although vampire and werebeast characters were introduced in TES II). D&D (and PnP RPG in general) is still more a niche and D&D players would probably ask for Drow to be added… :wink:

Not… again… Oh, well! :sunglasses:
grabs popcorn, lays back

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You’re right. I had almost forgotten how Elder Scrolls tries to force you to play a vampire or a werewolf because of how cool they are. I played all of them from Arena to Skyrim and never took the option to be a bloodsucker or a furball because I don’t want to be a vampire or a werewolf. If I wanted, I’d be playing Vampire the Masquerade or werewolf or the Sega classic Altered Beast (which was an awesome game 30 years ago when I was a kid).

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Yeah, though I’ll admit I’ve played as a werewolf for a few days in TES II: Daggerfall when I got myself accidentally infected and didn’t know how to cure it.
But since then… I’ve always avoided lycanthropy and vampirism in TES games like the plague.

If that was the case corruption would have been remove from the game. Since Majority of players hate corruption and find it useless. My were forms was for players whom didn’t want to take part in the religion system.

My version of were forms was base on none sorcery. I had a use for corruption.

BS. Corruption does nothing as of now but debuff you. A waste not being used to its full potential. Were form would have been nice to have.

Lava= Punishment environment.

Water= Punishment environment.

Corruption was suppose to be a sorcery stat. My were form idea made it a useful stat. None ask what is Corruption sickness is?

OMG you’re still here 5 months later complaining and posting the same topics???

At least you’re dedicated.

Although I don’t get the point of making a thread about a locked thread and think that might be against the rules.

Was it? Maybe it was back in the day. I’m sure you could provide a source for this information.

Me, I just thought of corruption as a sort of necromantic radioactivity.

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