[Bug] Bad Serverperformance since last Patch

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: EU/Germany

My well-visited server had more performance problems since the last patch than before :slightly_frowning_face:

Before the patch I had stable sfps and now they drop instantly

  • Before: 1-10 player = 60-75 sfps

  • Now: 15-22 sfps

  • Before: 10-25 player = 35-55 sfps

  • Now: 8-17 sfps

  • Before: 25-35 player = 10-20 sfps

  • Now: 5-9 sfps

  • Before: 35-50 player = 5-12 sfps

  • Now: 2-4 sfps

i ask many serveradmin and all have the same problem :weary:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start Server
  2. 10+ player
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most of all PC servers has this problem and no one gives an answer :weary:

this serverperformance is horrible.

I play only on official servers, mostly pve conflict but can confirm that performance is poor and it has gone worse since the last few patches. The databas items, buildings and stuff loads extremely slow, like it takes 15-20 seconds before a base and inventory spawns in fully. I can imagine if this happen also on official pvc servers it would be easy to see where to break into a base cause it spawns so slowly you see every room and chests/vaults and wich room they are in from the outside.

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