Performance hit since patch

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Problem: Performance

a friend of mine is hosting a private server for a handful of us to play. So far things have been sometimes a little laggy loading (specially the first time and player placed items. Our home base can take several minutes to load regardless of PC specs.) But now since the patch we have all been noticing a significant performance hit in load times, lag, and frame rates. Since this issue is effecting everyone on the server from older systems to very new and powerful, from ping below 20 to ping around 120 equally. I was wondering if it’s being looked at and if others are seeing similar issues.


Is your friend hosting the server themselves? or using a third party hosting site? If they are hosting it themselves through their own internet connection, their upload speed may not be up to par or their connection to the internet in general may simply not be that good. I don’t play on private servers so I don’t know if this is a common issue among them or not, but I would imagine that if everyone is loading the base slowly and it takes several minutes, then unless your base takes up the entire map or something I cant think of another reason.

They are hosting it themselves but have been for a couple months now. It’s recently we’ve seen the increased performance hit with the big patch. Also despite being hardwired with only a switch between himself and the server he’s seeing the issue too. I live almost next door and use the same ISP and noticed it. We also have people from across the country and a couple states over seeing the same level of performance hit.

i think it may be both.

And your server, and the performance since last patches.

To test, join any other server, test different ones to see how the game act.
Privat hosted server need like said previously a very good upload, so a very fast internet connection, a thing most privat user don’t realy have. (the update count, not the download)

For my part, i play the game since early acces and had still a smooth game. After release i experimented 2 or 3 crashes, and performances did worse after the multiple patch of the last weeks.

I play, and on my own server (a rented one) and also in singleplayer, mostly for tests.

Only thing I can think of is that perhaps something with the patch demands more upload speed than he actually has available to send to everyone else on the server, weird that he himself is also experiencing the issue. Have him run a speed test at and check what his upload speed is, honestly I would say anything below 50meg upload is probably not sufficient to be running a server, even a small one for a game like this.

Also, does he play on the same machine that is hosting the server or is he playing on a machine that acts as a client? If he plays on the client machine then that could explain the issue with him loading slowly even though he is the host.

Will check on all these things. Thank you for the feedback I was mostly wondering if there was anyone else experiencing the same thing since this latest round of patches.