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These last few patches have really effected the servers for the worse, nothing has changed on my end my net is 100/20 same Comp setup 1060 gtx etc, but since these parity patches the game is running crap. Half the time bases/buildings now dont render or load up, doors cant be opened or take a long time to do so, others in my clan have the same problems also players on the server experiencing the same.
Oceanic server cluster, 1974/ 1973 only started to happen in the last week.

Starting to get the s**** now along with Funcom taking a age to fix some of the issues that have been there for a long time.

For me server performance has been quite decent, though I have noticed door frames seem to load slow. I also have like a 6000 block base so I am not complaining

I agree, there is a serious issue !
Not only the servers have problems, but also i realise that even SP is affected, and has now freezes and stutter. I play the game since EA, and was used to run my game on SP and on my server without troubles mostly. Game run smoothly, and i have mostly i big modlist.

I love this game, enjoy this world lot, but i must say that this night i logged-out really irriated after about 2h gameplay cause of increased stutters making the experience very unpleasant.

It looks to me that at the moment we beginn to interact with object, like open chests, build, or craft at workstation, the performance becomes worse and worser with time. Some players pointed the actual event-log to be the culprit. This may be a good part of it, but i think it’s not all.

So what’s happen ?

Oddly enough, I have very few issues in game. Are you sure it is not mods causing this?

It was doing this in Testlive as well, after the last Call to Arms. Even after a server restart, there was lag skipping going on, and I ran into the not being able to open doors thing a few times. There’s also the floating over building blacks and not being able to interact with said blocks.

My hope is that the Optimization Fix that is coming soon will fix those issues and make it better than before. @Tascha Is there any word on when that will hit Testlive servers?

We were hoping this week but with a few new issues creeping up we have to see. It’s definitely one of the next core mechanic focus and almost ready to be tested. So hopefully not too far ahead.
Sorry I can’t give a more detailed eta.

Additionally, we are looking into the recent performance decreases. It seems they are client side and not server side but we are aware and on the task.


My official server has definitely been seeing worse performance recently (since the pets patch part 2, mainly).

Granted, we’ve also had more people online than we’ve had since launch (yay!) but still nowhere near the cap. At times it gets really quite laggy, though it’s intermittent. And opening the event log is seemingly a big no-no, it’s an almost guaranteed gigantic lag spike or worse (I’ve had to restart several times after opening it).


Fine for you, enjoy ! But, yes. i’m sure, while mods are still a charge more for any servers and also SP game, there is no reason that there is a so drastic change with same list and settings from one day to the other ! If i mad some change, i would search there at first of course, but this isn’t the case.

I pass lot time testing, and on server, and on singleplayer, and perf-issue started like other players state it after the second pet-patch.

Steam when it comes to server-lag may not be innocent nor, but that’s an other problem and discussion. But of course they have also to work and adapt how the steam-client share the paks. And i’m not talking only about mod paks, but also the CE ones. :wink:

Except the game does not use steam servers. Steam really has very little to do with anything other then to host the commercial aspect of games including DRM.


There are 3 kinds of latency, graphical, computational and communication. GPU, CPU and network.

Sorry I can’t write a wall of text to explain all this and the thousands of possibilities. But yes crappy coding can cause issues. So can the dozens of internet hops your system takes to communicate with 3rd party servers. Also if I had 5 dollars for every time I heard someone say their computer is fine it’s the software I would invest a million in Conan Exiles and take a world cruise.

Maybe it’s something everyone has in common, a certain region planet when the internet has bad routing to the game servers.

Yea the server performance went downhill on 1974 after the pet patch and a server crash that had the server down for a long time, since then even when only player on the performance is trash, server Lag, doors dont open, when you build something it dont appear till 1 min after same as if you destroy it, AI is lagged out, my ping is still around 40-60 I live in sydney with good NBN, never had this problem until recently.

When I swap to another server I dont have the same problems so it must be something with that server cluster. Getting to the point of quitting because of this trash anyway.

no need for a wall of text, i know all that.

But believe me, Steam adds also to the problem, especially when it comes to server connection, verifications, and such. Here to, i want write a wall of words.
And my internet connection is fine.

I don’t complain about lag for the whole period i played this game, and i have over 1400h, so you can believe me when i say, it has become worse after the second pet-patch.

Testlive should start for optimisation, so let’s hope this will fix some issue for some.

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