Funcom, why is the game still unplayable?

Every single server, official and private, is experiencing massive lag, constant desyncs, mobs not working, players needing to relog to get builds to show up, etc. Nothing works.

So far Funcom hasn’t really said anything about it. There’s been a few clueless customer service reports asking things like “does your server have mods?” and "what server is lagging?’ when literally all of them are.

So, can we please get some direct confirmation from @Funcom that they have seen the reports and are working on it? I am not prone to hyperbole but the game is literally unplayable right now. This is really bad and makes me sad.

I heard it might be due to placeables not de-rendering.

This game is the worst survival game in performance. It can get so broken. Enemies swinging at air a mile away and hiting you or your thralls. Enemies and thralls teleporting.

When this happens restarting the server usually fixes that but it really isn’t a good solution. for example official servers you can’t just restart them. My server usually starts to become a little bad after a few days.

My server had flawless performance until the most recent patch, so it’s not what you’re describing at all.

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