[Bug] Bonfire Effigy Tooltip

Bonfire Effigy’s effect tooltip description reads:

Whenever you or any of your group members defeat an enemy, gain an shield absorbing (0.375*Healing Power) that scales with your heal power. This effect has a 15 second cooldown.

Well, aside from the part in parentheses not actually being in parentheses and instead just being a number value. I wrote it this way for ease when I was writing these down. I digress, however.

There are a few errors with this tooltip, such as an shield and the entire wording of the shield absorption effect, which… is very weird. While we can infer what is being absorbed, it doesn’t actually say, since what it does say is that you gain an shield absorbing X that scales with your heal power. Presumably, it absorbs damage like absorption shields do.

The Bonfire Effigy may radiate warmth, but its tooltip creates a cold confusion!

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