Bug: Building stay invisible

Hi Iggy,
while testing the newest update today I’ve got this bug.

My buildings stay invisible, no matter how long I play. This screenshots here was createt after relogging and playing for over 15 minutes. While I’m inside the building I float around. The building pieces are there. They stay just invisible.
The building was build yesterday.

I play on Public Test Server -EU- PvE Exild Lands, Name: McDrain

My Hardware Driver are Up to Date

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Hey @Maeroth

Thanks for the feedback.
Could you provide the position of your character (in game press Ctrl Shift Alt L) so our team can try to replicate this pesky bug? We’ve gathered some databases recently in hopes to find a reliable repro case for this desync issue so having these coordinates would help us.


Sure, the location is
-23399.802734 137834.28125 -12073.976563

Hand of Maker is in near

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Thank you. It’s been added to the ongoing report about this problem.


You are welcome :slight_smile:

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