[BUG] Can't repair items post boss battle

Game mode: [Singleplayer] offline
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

Level 33, no issues prior to this. On PS4 version 1.07. Mix of steel tools and iron weapons.

Was fighting the king croc melee with iron pike. Repaired successfully during the fight. After the fight and some post battle harvesting on the trip back, I could not repair gear even with mats on hand. With the radial up and an item selected, no repair option us listed. If in inventory and you right bumper for options, repair is not listed.

Created a new steel pick, harvested, same issue.
Disconnect, reconnect, same issue.
Disconnect, close application, restart, same issue.
Disconnect, close app, power off PS4, restart, same issue.
Switch to new user, start new game, create stone pick, use and repair no issues. Repair button is visible and repair starts fine.

In a previous game while learning the ropes, I cheesed the rhino boss from distance with Set arrows. No issues. I’ve cheesed this one once before in this game trying to get the boss head journey step, no issues. I fought bosses melee before either dying or running, no issues. First time melee with a boss kill.

Really do not feel like starting over from scratch again due to another apparently unrecoverable bug. I got a nice T2 base and got lucky on thrall spawns with a good pile of T3 and a named smelter.

Any suggestions other than restart would be welcomed.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: