Bug: Can't use aloe extract or bandages during purge

Basic Info:

Platform: =PC (STEAM)=
Issue Type: =BUG=
Game Mode: =GAME MODE=
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: TrollCollector
Mods: None

Bug Description:

My husband and I were playing on a dedicated server with 2 friends. While our friends were offline, a purge happened. During the purge my husband couldn’t use any healing items. He wasn’t able to use aloe extract and/or bandages. He tried clicking on them, using the correct hotkey, even moving them but they wouldn’t work. It only showed a message saying he was unable to use them at this time. We both ended up dying. It was very frustrating, not knowing what’s going on. Please fix

Bug Reproduction:

See bug description :point_up:

This is absolutely a bug, but I think it’s associated with mounts. I get it on PlayStation, so I’m fairly certain it’s not just confined to one platform. It has nothing to do with the purge. He just had bad timing when it occurred. Not sure exactly how it happens, but if you have a mount, it’s an easy fix. When this happens, just get on your mount and try to use a healing item. After it says you can’t use it, get off the mount and it should work again. Hope that helps for next time.


Thanks! We will give this a try if it happens again :blush:

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