Bug - Character Creation Face and Head

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Game mode: Official
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: no

Character Creation not possible on Official server #1023 because camera view is bugged (head and face view).


Yesterday at another server i haven’t had this problem.

Repro steps:

  1. Create New Character on Official server #1023
  2. Switch to Face/head options

Just encountered this bug too. Rather awkward.

Me 3 this problem @1047

I’m having the same problem on all offical servers I try ut. I can’t change my nick either. When I try out on a private server, there are no problems. So I have to log on to Private server to change my name, then zoom out and in to get the right face and hair, or remember the settings I like.

I get all the same bugs as the Screenshots Alphaalpaka get.

same issue here for 2mths now and it affects official servers so far.

I have the same problem, this is really annoying.

exactly same issue here, but i found that if i went full screen option this issue went away, if you go fullscreen borderless i have this issue. At least when i changed it i have not had this issue since and have created 4 characters.

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