Bug: Eldarium At Leyshrines Disappears

No mods

If you put Eldarium into one of the leyshrines platforms and don’t use it, it vanishes when you go to retrieve it by pressing E. Lost 100 that way this lasts time. Same goes for unused amounts after you pull the lever. I went to check how much I had left after seeing some in the container. Hit E and it was gone.

It drops in a bag when you craft the altar. Easy to miss.

I had to use hardened steel to craft the altar. I meant the three platforms with the zap the thralls lever. I put 100 decayed eldarium into the middle and didn’t use it during the surge. Went to go grab it right before killing the three skull boss on one of the other platforms and it just vanished. I could see it in there before I pressed E to open it. Poof gone. Did it go into a bag on the ground?

From what I have found and read elsewhere is once you put it in those platforms you do not get it back. It has happened to me as well. I just assumed it was intended once the surge ended. I cant find the original thread I read it on, sorry.

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Confirm, the same happened to me. I just get it as it is, as ‘rule’ of the game. But yes, it’s a bit odd.

One assumes it’s to prevent random passers-by from stealing your eldarium since the devices are public containers.

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