Bug from 97865/17844

Game mode: Private Server and Official
Version: 97865/17844
Problem: Bug | Performance and Misc

This list is a reference of bugs encountered by our French community on conanexilesFR since this last patch.


  • The thrall disappear into the ground when the link breaks this.
  • Thrall do not attack players in PVP-Conflict mode despite PVP time.
  • Some purge NPCs appear in players’ walls/foundations in the players’ own base.
  • The players’ bodies disappear, a deco/reco or another player can solve the problem, the priority does not see his corpse.
  • Trebuchets disappear on PVE servers.
  • It hasn’t rained since the game started in the North Biome, normal ?
  • NPC Asservits react very badly to attacks on PVE-Conflict servers, and do not attack players during the PVP period.
  • Weapon not Display in rack.


  • The radial menu is sometimes bug.
  • Servers are sometimes not displayed in the server list.

Thank you for your Funcom work if our topic help you, I will add benefits if you wish.
Dear Shepard CM ConanExilesFrance