BUG- Huge chunking missing in my building and more chunks not loading

Hi i was just playing around trying out the new dungeon, when i came back to my base a huge chunk didn’t load from the map and destroyed a huge piece in one of my buildings. I don’t really mind i always make back up of my files just in case but i was wondering if it was an ongoing bug happening got a few pictures that i have put in my steam library photo that you can go see online.


Hey @misterbeanie

Could you check your event log to see if there was any loss of stability?

i will check but that building was built a looong time ago likr before the jewels of the west DLC and i wonder why it would have done this now and some of my building the stability is at 100 logged off come back a few days later and the roof collapsed cause the stability got down for a reason

Looks like its the rendering issues going on right now, rather then a loss in the buildings. Some players are experiencing framrate and loading issues since the last patch. Some mods may also be aggravating those issues as well (ELI, for example).

Funcom is doing their part and releasing a hotfix soon, but there might be other mod related issues going on.

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