Game freezes when applying another element to my fortress

Game mode: [Single-player]
Type of issue: [Freeze]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [France]

[Hello there !

Maybe there’s already a post somewhere talking about this, but I’m actually unable to add anything to my enormous fortress without getting a game freeze and a message “conan exiles stopped working”… so is there a limit to the amount of buildable/craftable structures or is this a known bug of some sort ?

thanks !]

Hey @Haelzekien

You will have to be a bit more specific with your report I’m afraid. How big is your fortress? What are your computer specs?
The bigger/more complex the building on display, the more taxing it is on a system.

Sadly, i cannot upload any picture as new forum user… Let’s just say i have lots of high, long and heavily fortified stone walls, three huge dungons with drawbridges, three fortified wheels of pain, a fortified altar, etc. Everything is guarded by an army of slaves warrior heavily equipped.

My stuff’s a dell precision tower pc with an Intel Xeon E5-1620v3 (3.50Ghz) , 32 g0 Ram and an NVIDIA Quadro K4200. I know my actual buildings must be taxing on it like you said buuuut it was quit cool until now… No lack of framerate, no crash. Now it freezes everytime i try to put an additionnal construction element. Could it happen due to some ingame limitation ? Is it my actual system that cannot handle it ?

You can check our current testlive build that brings some improvements on how buildings are loaded into the game and give us feedback on it (and many other fixes and additions we’re introducing!).

Hum; ok, i’ll try that !

Thanks for your respond;

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