Game freezes when trying to apply another element to my fortress

Hello there !

Maybe there’s already a post somewhere talking about this, but I’m actually unable to add anything to my enormous fortress without getting a game freeze and a message “conan exiles stopped working”… so is there a limit to the amount of buildable/craftable structures or is this a known bug of some sort ?

thanks !

There is no numerical limit, but on PC’s your rig may have limits. I play PS4, but definitely check your settings for graphics. lower them and see if that helps. That is pretty much my expertise on gaming rigs :slight_smile:

If yo place your specs on here, someone with more know how may be able to help.

Well, my pc is a dell precision 5810 with an Intel XEON CPU E5-1650v3 (3.50Ghz), 32 Go RAM and an NVIDIA Quadro K4200. I’ve max lowered the video settings for the test and it has not changed the problem.

Still, despite its powerful potential for a professionnal 3d use, my computer is not exactly the gaming type one, so it’s perfectly possible that the system (or the card) struggles with that amount of elements on screen. Open worlds are the trickiest. I still think it’s surprising/intriguing and, knowing funcom’s bugged-games tradition, the probability of a deepest error in the game code still roams in my suspicions…

So if someone has an idea or encountered a similar problem…

I get that issue because of my crazy neighbor, and there 200 +pets… check the surrounding area, Good luck

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