Game freezing right after getting past the starter area

Game mode: [Single Player
Type of issue: Performance

I have had this problem for awhile now. I load the game on single player the game stutters but isnt that bad until I get past the starting desert area and enter the first real area of the map. When I get to said area my game freezes. It breaks after 25 seconds or so and then go right back to freezing. It wont stop and I just ahve to turn off the game It has happened while Ive had mods going…Its has happened while no mods are installed…It has happened after a clean install of the game and it has happened after a reinstall of windows.

(older system) AMD FX ™-8320 Eight core Processor
GTX 970ti
Ram 16.0GB (7.95 usable)
64 bit Windows

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Hey @Neverware767

There’s some technical issues tied to the use of AMD hardware. Have you checked some of the workarounds listed in this thread?

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Ty for getting back to me. I will try all the things in the workaround and let you know what happens

Hi @Neverware767, hope you could solve your issue in the meantime.

I’m running myself an AMD build, and don’t have such problem in singleplayer.
Did you run some hardware tests, such as heattests ?
It’s summertime, hot, and hard time for older pc configuration like your.

What cooling system do you use ? Make sure no overheating is going on, that’s often may freeze your machine.

Good luck, and let me know if i can help you further. :smile:


I know that conan is the only game I own that does this…I tested the work arounds but they did not solve my problem. I dont know why its doing this but I used to be able to play the game just fine. I play other games and they do not do this…Im worried I might not ever be able to play this great game again

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