Why is this game still stuttering even after buying a new Pc ( Singleplayer ) PC

First my Specs

AMD Ryzen 5 7600X 6-Core Processor 4.70 GHz

B650 thomahawk wifi

32 Gb 5600 ddr5 ram cl28

Sapphire Radeon RX 7900 XT Pulse 20gb

Samsung Odyssey G51C Gaming Monitor 165hz

850 Watt PSU

Deepcool Cpu Tower and Cooler

Win 11 Pro

Hell i overclocked everything you should like expo, bar, motherboard etc, So why the hell do i get the same stuttering in singleplayer as before ?

Is your game stored on an HDD or an SSD? When I had it on an HDD it stuttered like crazy.

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I’m guessing the problem is with the video card or its driver. I had several Radeon video cards, including some with quite good characteristics, and there were always some problems. With GeForce video cards there are almost no problems. It looks like the game is designed for GeForce…

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Hey there Toasty, is this an ABS system, if so, great choice.

What’s your physical drive setup (SSD, M.2, Backup Hard Drive etc), and what’s your cooling?

Stuttering on an overclocked machine is indicative of a few things, including Thermal Throttling. Let’s look at more obvious first. Turn off VSYNC in Conan Exiles, because I doubt one could pull 165 locked frames in even 1080p. Can your monitor handle other base Frame Rates and resolutions? I’m asking because I haven’t looked up its specs.

CPU stuff: I have found that in order to play Conan Exiles on Epic/Cinematic at 1440p 60FPS on a similar Intel spec machine with only 16GB RAM, you need no greater than 3.8GHz from the CPU. If I were you, I would temporarily disable overclocking, (4.7 is more than enough), and look in your BIOS/UEFI to ensure your DDR is set up correctly. Often, manus will underclock the RAM to the Board’s default settings.

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Your 850 W PSU may not be enough if overclocked and you may need to check your bios for your amd processor mobo to make sure docp is enabled.

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so your saying i should dissable all my overclock and let my ddr5 expo ram setting on ? also i am on 2, m.2 on board ssd, i did cinabench test and it never throtled and my score is on par with other people + i did some 3dmark test and i have a higher score then other people

sorry for english i am german and dont know how to autocorrect in opera gx!

If there are automatic cooling systems installed, then those must be fixed. You see, you can raise the speed of one fan but it might draw too much power through the system.

Rule of thumb, your processor should be 40% busy at all times, as that catches all the signals reliably. Even the spikes.

Funcom needs to fix some synchronous issues between the network protocol and the UI. For example, it stutters when you view a container. It stutters when you open a chest. It stutters as you merely walk by a container and the reticle is on that container.

sorry i have a 1440p monitor

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i deavtivated all my overclock settings and tested the game,still stutters pretty often

No don’t worry about the language you’re doing fine. I appreciate the feedback.

What would be helpful is if you did a Superposition score with your PC in the zero overclocking state. Please look into it, as it is a great, objective benchmarking superset.

With your rig you should have an app from AMD that can monitor your chipset and hardware, and what we want to do is look at it to see if during a “stress test” it reaches thermal throttling. This number can actually be quite low, despite your CPU’s tolerance. For example, the CPU SafeMax may be 85C, but your onboard throttle is 71C. AMD Ryzen Master Utility for Overclocking Control (if applicable) is where I’d start, in order to stress test and benchmark your PC’s performance and thermal profile.

As to the RAM: many manufacturers will leave the Memory speed to the Motherboard’s default setting, even though your RAM may optimally perform better at its correct settings. I always advise switching off all Overclocking in the UEFI, reboot and test, then creating a Default “Failsafe” profile therein, and then setting the BIOS/UEFI to match the correct speed and timings of the RAM. Then reboot with caution, run stress tests and proceed.

Please do answer about your cooling options. Is your system liquid cooled, air cooled, both or other?

air with a verry big tower perfect for air cooling


there you go good sir my cpu did not throdle and my points are on par with my cpu scor, i did disabble expo setting in the motherboard and i must say after doing benchmarks i did not stutter but i will test conan exiles now after dowloading btw much thanks for helping me my friend !!!

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gpu is also good is passable on 3Dmark

I play while measuring FPS and the FPS does not drop even when the game is stuttering.
This leads me to believe that the stuttering is a separate issue from graphics processing power.

There is your client fps and the server fps if youre referring to on a server (if in sp that’s different). Some is inevitably just level streaming overhead. On the client, it can be as simple as data loading from the drive into memory and on the server it can be that plus waiting on the data to arrive at your client. Client has many bottlenecks on its own and that data has to push thru the slowest part.

I’m happy to help you diagnose your issues, with the hopes that we don’t need to leave your PC in a permanently underclocked state. With some advanced settings, you can tell your AMD Ryzen software to lower your PC’s performance while playing Conan Exiles, and it can do it automatically.

Unlike the Intel chips that compete with it, the Ryzen X in your case can run “permanently” at its TMax (both Theoretical and Temperature Maximum) with no damage to your components or the longevity of the PC. 95C is, according to AMD, not the actual package temperature so it’s all “good.”

However, and this is crucial, when your CPU’s speed and cache are set to “auto,” any high-performance app like a 3D game will use up every available resource. Which means it will hungrily devour all your CPU speed, even if it doesn’t need it. When your CPU reaches TMax, it will allow no further processing without skipping some, which can cause hitches and full on Fatal Exceptions. Happily, your system is strong enough to handle it.

If I were you, I’d look into scenarios where your PC is underclocked to a stable (non-variable) voltage while playing CE. At 1440p and Epic, you should easily push 60 FPS+, while your CPU is only at about 84C in very congested (built up) areas. For the longevity of your other components (and this is with the knowledge of the high quality of your system case and its ventilation), I’d work on getting the CPU thermal “debt” down to around 85C maximum.

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