Bug - Incomplete shelter inside my base / raining inside my base

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

When I am sheltering inside my base, I find that whatever spot I end up standing in (usually about 50% of the time) does not offer complete shelter. Even in a base with multiple layers of foundations and ceiling tiles (2 or 3 stories tall, standing on the bottom floor), somehow I still can very easily find a spot where my character is affected by the outside environment.

This bug is also noticed with regard to the game’s ambient sounds. When entering a fully enclosed player structure, outside noise (like rain) often becomes muted, and a gentle echo is added (I hear the clicking of my feet on the floor tiles echo). This is actually a pretty amazing audio feature, and does a lot to bolster the game immersion. When you step into a space inside your enclosed base where there is not complete shelter, suddenly the noise from outside becomes louder as if opening a door. There is very definitely a calculation going on here that modifies sound based on my percent shelter. And walking in and out of these incomplete shelter spots makes me feel like my children are going back and forth from inside and outside of the base, and cannot manage to keep the door shut. This, of course, is immersion-breaking.

To add insult to injury, when it rains outside of my base, my floors inside my base are all damp, and droplets drip everywhere, giving the floors and surfaces a wet sheen.

The worst part about this is that if I have to step away from the keys for a minute, I have to double check and make sure that I am in a full shelter spot instead of an incomplete shelter spot. If I leave the game unattended for a little while in an incomplete shelter spot, my character consumes food and water. And if I don’t return promptly, I will come back to find myself dead – either starved to death, or dead of dehydration.

Please see the attached image. In this example, I am on the bottom floor. Directly above my head in this screenshot:

Black ice ceiling tile
Sandstone foundation
2nd floor (open space, 3 blocks high)
Black ice ceiling tile
Aquilonian foundation
Jungle air / atmosphere / rain

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build a totally, 100% enclosed structure. Optional: build a second and third floor to the structure, or a second and third roof.
  2. Walk around inside of the 100% enclosed structure until you see a point where you lose the peak on your full shelter icon.
  3. Get partial exposure to the elements, get hungry/thirsty and potentially die if you idle there for very long.

Can confirm that this happens inside of my base. Mind you, my base is pretty large as I started with 15x15 foundations as the floor blueprint.

Mind I’m in the desert so it never rains there, but if I’m in the wrong spot when a sandstorm rolls through I’ll take damage from that even inside my fully enclosed base.


I have faced this similar challenge in sandstorm prone regions. You step away for 2 minutes, and come back dead. All because you didn’t have your mask on when you went idle, and you did not have that complete shelter.

Its also happening in some natural caves. When the ceiling is too high, the shelter is too low, and you get hurt although you are completly inside and underground.
The shelter detection is not taking in consideration enough ceiling height.

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I have witnessed some correction for this. I have not taken careful notes, but it seems that the game has identified “indoor” areas, and as a result, the sandstorm does not actually reach or affect those areas. You can tell this because where ever you are is subterranean and there is also no shelter calculation (no shelter icon).

This correction seems to be very inconsistent, however. If and when they address this bug, they should also address any caverns or natural, map-formed shelter areas to make sure that shelter is applying correctly.

Except… in every case where this has happened, there is a ceiling tile only 2 walls above my head inside my base.

Yep this rain inside buildings is a real pain. Another thing that might be related are light sources going through walls especially braziers of any kind.

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