BUG: Interacting with pedestals - Tower

TestLive Private Server (No Mods, Rev #275862/28102)

I am having hard time interacting with any of the pedestals but the first & third:

I was unable to reproduce. I did have to get closer to the pedestals than what felt normal to interact with them.

Greetings @Narelle,

Can you provide more information regarding the issue you’re experiencing?
Is it the distance of the interaction as @Exiled1 mentioned?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Mayra , I played a bit more with those pedestals and no, it doesn’t seem to be the distance but rather which part of it you interact with. For example, when having the crosshair in the middle, I get “Press E to interact” but I don’t get any recipes.

No recipes here either:

However, without changing my position if I point a bit higher, I get the scrolls without any issues.


So it seems that you have to aim and interact with this specific area in order to get the recipes:

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Hi @Narelle,

Thank you for the detailed information, we’ll forward it to our team right away.

Please reach out again if you encounter any other issues on our Lands. :slight_smile:

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Went back and tried it again. I was able to confirm your findings. Its not the distance but where you interact with pedestal as you indicate. Not sure if it is a feature or a bug though.

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I actually never even thought to try the base, I went straight for the floating weapon/armor icons and never had an issue. I am guessing they should just remove the interaction with the base completely.

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