Usability issue #1942

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [ Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [NA]

Made my first login after the patch on 3.13.19 and played for a couple of hours. Logged out an upon logging back in I am unable to interact with anything and most of the base is not rendering in. Attempting to fix the issue I verified the games file integrity, updated all drivers, windows, restarted steam, restarted my pc and restarted the game several times. After that failed I began toying with removing the bracelet, tried removing it and spawning in my base, removing it and spawning in the desert nothing has worked but I have developed more issues including not having a body, first person camera being fixed to the player foot and the inability to move. I am hoping the restart at 7am fixes it but we’ll soon see.

Cant interact
Cant Move
Cant see my body
First person camera is on my feet
Random walls,ceilings door frames not all but* random ones are invisible to me

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the patch notes said that invisible base is a knowbug. they are working on it. you can relog for normalizate this view.

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Hey @kevbal

As @Fastorro mentioned, it is a known rare issue brought by the new building optimizations. Relogging into the game should get rid of this problem.

Thought I stated that the game was restarted several times was a dead give away. Yeah I re logged multiple times. No it dint go away.