[Bug] Items disappear when dropped on the UI


I noticed that dropping items inside a specific area of the UI makes them disappear completely. This only works in specific two areas I marked in red on my screenshots. Dropping them anywhere else results in the usual loot bag forming on the ground, where the item can be picked up again.

Tested on:
PC, Single player local game
TestLive Build Rev #127573/20886
Windows 10



Hmmm, no mods used ?

Will try to replicate in my singleplayer. Could explain this and that. :wink:

So checked it quickly.

Yes, it’s like you described. After there is nothing really strange to me. Only the area around the given inventory make it disaspear. All other part of the UI don’t.

You can drag the item over your character, you crafting-library, nothing here to.
Only around the inventory itself, and container UI itself, the item will poof. What is intended.

What is certainly less intended is the missing loot-bag !

So if you misclick or do a wrong manip, item is lost for good.
Intended or not, i don’t think it’s intended, more a bug or flaw.

Good catch ! :grinning:

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Hey there,

It looks like an old bug we had in which the item was sent to an invisible item slot (position -1 or something like that), so it would appear like it disappeared from existence completely. If that’s the case, could you try opening a container and selecting “Give all” and see if the lost item re-appears that way?
Sending it to our team so they can look into it, thanks for the heads-up @Ramazon :slight_smile:

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