Bug, lost all my base

Hi everyone

Today I was playing quietly, I wanted to see where to loot armor, I do alt tab, I come back 2 min later and I see that all the base is no longer there except the npc, has anyone ever had this problem? if an admin of the game can help me, thank you

There is a bug report template which you should fill out.

Server: offi, private or single player
Game mode: pve or pvp
Mods or no mods
Platform: Steam or console

Bug reproduction step by step.

Otherwise nobody can help you :slight_smile:

official server #1005 PVE -g-portal.com
Revision (#483260/36864)

no mods


What your event log says?
The buildings should not disappear without reason.

If this was an Admin action you will see it in your event log. ‘destroyed by admin’ or something like this.

If it’s the case you will get a message that you are banned tomorrow.
Then your only way to get more information is zendesk.

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sorry, I don’t know how it say in english : in french : a perdu en stabilité
nothing more, no admin ban or other
I lost everything just for one alt tab :frowning:

Ok that means lose stability.

If that’s the only message you get then it could be some bug.

I don’t know maybe some commands you do out of the window destroys something that let everything lose stability? But the log would say also there ‘destroyed by’ and then your name.

However if it’s an Admin action you get the message the next day. If that happens today you would see that tomorrow.

yes, I think it’s a bug, i don’t think the admins are going to restore our base and we have to rebuild everything because the game is full of bugs

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