Lost my belongings

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict #1042
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Map: The Exiled Lands
Server : #1042

I came online today
after a few days off (less than 7) and found my main base partialy missing:
no doors, no chests, no workbenches
but baziers, bed, beehives, my well, a set altar and a stable
my other 2 outpost were intact with doors and everything

in log no signs

Installed Mods:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Step 1: log in
  2. Step 2: look around
  3. Step 3: stay stoned

What does your event log say?

Welcome to the forum @akheron,

What you are describing sounds really mysterious. :thinking: Nothing in the event log at all?
Where did you build?
Could it be you built your base in an area that gets occasionally hit by star metal meteors?
They could destroy a base in that manner.

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99% ur base was not renewed! u logged in last time and logged out without making any changes to base (like move an object etc) so timmer was not renewed…
when u run for renewals , make sure ur timmer resets by checking either with tab (timmer should resset to 168:00 ) u will notice it wont happening every time … the way u was looted wont be mentioned in pve (probably in pve-c) also. the one who looted u knew what he was doing. u can destroy every placeable and log wont mention it if it is on abandoned state. the name of the looter shows only when he destroys ur build (foundation etc) . he got in , took the interesting stuff and left the rest behind… u just logged in in time before ur build travel to the void by timmer…

if i am right i bet that in ur last renewal on ur base that got looted u stayed under a min before u log out


Yes. That is possible.

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This happened to me too.

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