[Bug] Motion Blur

Description: The option to enable and disable Motion Blur does nothing at all. There is also Motion Blur on by default it would seem.
Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: All

Playing Exiles on the PS4 I noticed that when moving there is a very bad blur affect that was not visible on the PC version of the game. Going into video options I enabled Motion Blur to see if this changed anything and it didn’t I then un-enabled it and it didn’t change anything again. I suspect that Motion Blur is enabled by default and that it will not change no matter what you do.

Repro steps: As described above.


I have been having the same issue on my 4k Roku TV, just picked up a new 4k compatible HDMI in the hope that it will help. Have you found a way to get rid of those trails/blur? What kind of TV do you have?

I have the same problem, and the worst problem is that the motion blur is keeping me from playing the game, I have no idea why someone would play with that enabled, it hurts my eyes to an unbelievable degree.

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New cable did not resolve the issue and since all other games work we can rule out the TV.
I turned on motion blur and did a full restart of the PS4 which also did not fix the problem.
I turned off motion blur and did another full restart of the PS4 and also no change.

You would think more people would be speaking about this issue, it seems like a huge oversight for a released product. Have to agree with Cristari, I don’t think the motion blur setting does anything.

Between this, the stamina bug that has been around since I played at the beginning of early access (PC), items and thralls disappearing, etc. You have to ask why release something that’s not properly tested or finished. I’m a little bummed out. I love the Conan lore, liked AoC and this game still has a lot of potential. I’m just disappointed this is what we get I guess.


The only “blur” I ever get is while swimming or near a body of water, where there seems to be a sort of afterimage in the water when walking/running/swimming, looks especially strange with torches. If this is meant to be a sort of reflection effect, it’s not working as intended, because it doesn’t look like a reflection and it doesn’t occur when standing still or floating on the water’s surface.