Possible solution for PS4 Pro Lag Issue

Like most of you on PS4 or PS4 Pro, I’ve experienced that horrendous lag and stuttering while playing Conan Exiles since the previous update. The lag had become so bad that moving became a frustrating endeavor. Well, I decided something had to be done so I played with the settings.

I already had it set for performance which didn’t do jack. However, while in my single player game, I selected the “Gameplay” tab looking for something that might be affecting the game. I UNCHECKED, “Show Journey Steps,” and “Show Weapon Trails.” I then backed out of the settings to play my game.

Wham, alcazam, the game ran smoother than I’d ever played it before. All lagging and stuttering vanished. Combat was now sleek and smooth without me freezing in place. Yah, occasionally while moving it will lag for a sec or two as it’s rendering the environment, but that’s always been a thing even in other games.

I don’t know why those two options have such a dramatic impact on the game, but unchecking them fixed my lagging problem on my PS4 Pro. I felt I should share the experience so others could benefit.

If you’re presently experiencing the problem, try unchecking those options and provide some feedback to let me know if your issue was resolve. I’m curious, but other players may benefit from someone else’s input on the matter as it relates to this fix.



Thanks for the feed back. I am for sure going to try this!
I for one am losing a lot of patience playing on the PS4 Pro.
I constantly have to stop. Wait for the back ground or a base to Render in. Constantly jerking. Invisible enemies that grunt like a rock nose. Chests that take for ever to load its contents. Even logging in you cant skip the jerky intro. Reminds me of playing on the original Xbox One.
Playstation store should really take this game off the market. A new player would be lost, get frustrated and just stop playing. Waisted money.

Check and see if your system is in Boost Mode. I found that Boost Mode had a tendancy to slow everything down.

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